Nick and his Mustang

December 15, 2009
By jason bagshaw BRONZE, Edgerton, Missouri
jason bagshaw BRONZE, Edgerton, Missouri
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Smithville at 6 o’clock in the morning is quiet. There are cows mooing and maybe a couple tractors putting around. The birds are chirping and the squirrels jumping from tree to tree. The town is quiet and peaceful. That is until Nick wakes up.

Nick is an eighteen year old kid who just graduated high school. Nick is known as a troublesome kid who likes cars that are fast. His latest car is a 69 Mustang Fastback. It has a midnight black paint job with a built 351 Windsor. As soon as this car starts up it echoes through out the entire town. The car has open headers with a custom Flow Master exhaust. It’s loud, fast, and everything to Nick.

Nick was hungry so he went out cruising in his car. His alpine stereo was blasting “A country boy can survive.” His dual 15 inch subwoofers rumbled louder than the sound of his engine. He pulled into McDonalds and started to walk inside. On the front door was a sign that caught his eye. It read “Double cheeseburger eating contest. Saturday at 12 p.m. The winner gets a life time supply of McDonalds. Located at the McDonalds in St. Louis.” Nick looked at his cell phone. It read 10 a.m. Without thinking twice, Nick hopped in his car and sped out of the parking lot. He punched the address into his GPS and it said 250 miles.

Governed out at 140, Nick’s car was flying down the highway. His plan was up his tank in Columbia, which is the half way point from Smithville to St. Louis. Nick was swerving in and out of traffic like it was nothing. All he could think about was getting some McDonalds in his stomach. Suddenly, his radar detector went crazy. There was a cop shooting radar on the side of the road. Nick looked back and saw cop lights in his rear view. Nick laughed and kept driving because there was no way the cop was going to catch up to him. He approached the Columbia exit sign and looked at his phone. It was only ten o’clock, he was making good time. He pulled into Quick Trip to fill up his tank since he wasted more than a half tank of gas driving her. While Nick was filling up, a girl came over to his car and started to talk to him.

“Nice car!” The girl said.

“Yeah it gets me from point A to B.” Nick said.

“My name’s Natalie by the way.” The girl said.

“My name is Nick.” Nick said.

“Your name is really cute. Do you have any plans right now?

“Well I’m actually heading to ST. Louis for an eating contest. You can join me if you’d like.”

“Really? That would be awesome!”

“Hop in and don’t be scared, I’m an excellent driver.”

As soon as Nick puts the car in drive, a cop pulls up behind him.

“NO!” Nick said.

The cop walked up to the window and taps his flashlight on it.

“Howdy officer.” Nick said.
“I could have sworn I saw this car fly down the highway at about 140 mph not too long ago. Now son, please tell me I’m seeing things. Because I just know that you know better than to speed in my jurisdiction.” The officer said.
“Well you must have been seeing things because this car hasn’t touched the highway all day.” Nick said.
“Yeah that what I thought, but if for some reason I catch you doing anything wrong, you’re going to jail. I can promise that.”
“Yes sir.” Nick said as he rolled up his window. Nick took off and headed east for St. Louis. “Freaking pigs!” Nick said to Natalie.
“At least you didn’t get into trouble.” Natalie said.
It was 11:20 a.m. at this point. Nick had to really punch it and not take any pit stops to make it there on time.
“Wow you are a crazy driver.” Natalie said as he passed a car on the shoulder of the road.
“I don’t try to be, it’s just a natural instinct I guess.”
Nick and Natalie found themselves blasting into St. Louis as they saw the Arch from the highway. They found the McDonalds and Nick stormed in there at 11:59 a.m. Nick registered and took his place among the contestants.
“If you win this contest, you’ll win me.” Natalie said.
“Aren’t you supposed to say something to make me want to win? That just makes want to lose the contest from the git go.”
“Shut up and eat.”
“Will do I’m starving.” Nick said as he demolishes his first double cheeseburger.
While nick was eating he saw something strange in his eye. It was that cop that stopped him earlier. The cop was walking towards Nick’s car. Nick got up and started running after him. This disqualified him but he didn’t care. When he got to his car he found it with a wheel lock on the front tire.
“It’s on” Nick screamed as he tried to find the cop.

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