Nothing To It But To Do It

December 15, 2009
There we were; sitting in a car that from the outside looked like a crushed pop can. The car surrounded by cops, and everthing seemed to be going in slow motion. My head split open, and a few broken ribs. I look over at Mox to make sure he is okay; he is unconcious and has a small gash on his head, but looks to be alright. When I turn my head the cops are getting closer and all I can think is run! But that’s no an option at this point. I’m in too bad of shape and I can not leave my best friend.

My wife divorced me not to long ago, I live in a dump that has no electricity or running water, because that takes money which I don’t have. Life has been pretty helpless lately. I need to get away and go live life. I need something to cheer me up and keep me going. I need to stop thinking these thoughts that keep running through my head.

The next day Mox calls me and sounds pretty upset. He says, “What’s up Tweeder?” (This is what we called each other). I brought up the thought of moving to the Bahamma’s. As I new he would, he brought up the money situation. At this point something clicked in my head. It was not a great idea, but if anyone could pull it off it would be Mox and I. “Mox come over to my house I have a plan!”

“Sit on the couch and listen before you say no.” I said, alright Mox here is the plan; We are going to rob the “Gold Bank”, were going to get all the security codes and a map of the bank. Then we are going to watch the bank for a few days to see when it is the least busy. After that we find out where the safe keepers house is. Then we get Billy Bob (one of our buddies) to hold his family hostage. If he does not follow our directions he will never see his wife and kids again. Once we are out of the bank we will call Billy Bob and tell him to get out of there. We will steal the Toyota Mr2 from 132nd street and park it in the alley way two blocks down the street. To make sure that the cops aren’t on their way while were headed to the car we’ll take everyone’s phone and tie everyone up. There should not be too many people in there if we pick the right time, and day. Mox says, “if anyone could pull it off, it would be us.” (Like I new he would).

For the next week Mox watches the bank, while I find the mapsm codes and address for the safe keeper. Mox comes over on Friday and tells me the best time to do it would be Tuesday right before they close. (As for me, I got the codes, maps and the address). Now all we have to do is get the car, and outfits.

Mox heads out Tuesday morning to get the outfits and guns, and I went to get the car. When I arrive to get the car I throw my gloves on so there are no finger prints, and then I push it out of the drive way. Once it’s in the alley behind his house I begin to hot wire it. Spark! She started right up and I took off back to ship yare where I was meeting Mox so no one could see us.

I arrive to the ship yard and Mox is standing there holding our outfits and guns. We put them on and call Billy Bob to see if he has the wife and kids under control. He answers and says it is all good. He has already called the safe keeper and told him to get away if anyone is standing next to him and explained the situation. He agreed to follow the rules. So now it is time to make our wishes come true.

On the way to the bank sitting in the car I ask Mox, “Are you ready to do this?” He says, “As ready as I’ll ever be.” So we go over the rules one more time. Just to make sure we have everything down. “Sounds like we got it down,” Mox says as we arrive to the alley where we are leaving the car.

We arrive to the bank and throw our masks on and run in with our guns pointing in every direction. I begin to tie the seven people up that are in the bank, as well as taking their phones, while Mox gets the safe keeper to open the safe. He opens it, and I tie him up, throw him down and begin to start loading the money into five gallon duffle bags. Once we got our bags loaded we flew out the back door and begin heading to the car as fast as we can.

Half way to the car we start hearing sirens. “Oh no someone called the cops,” Mox says. Once we reach the car the cops are hot on our tail. “There’s a good twelve or thirteen cars right on us,” I tell Mox. We started to go faster and take a back road that leads to the highway. Were starting to lose them the closer we get to the highway and pretty soon we can’t see them at all. Going about a buck thirty we hit that ramp onto the highway, we were not paying attention to the road and celebrating the success of the robbery. BOOM! Everything went black. I woke up with everything spinning and in severe pain. At this point I realize where we were and what just happened. Road blocks were set up on the ramp and we just hit it going one hundred thirty miles per hour. “A good friend will bail you out of jail, a best friend will be sitting next to you saying dang that was fun!”

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