December 15, 2009
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Me, Corey, kenzie, and kiera are going to climb a mountain. We are starting to go up the mountain and we are all scared because we don’t like going up 1000 feet up in the air. Here we go wish us luck.

As we start climbing we get a couple 1000 feet Kenzie and Kiera start getting scared and me and Corey told them to calm down and they did. After a couple of miles up the hill we were hungry so we took a little break and had a snack. We took like a 15 minute break and then continued on with are journey.

About an hour or 2 later we were tired, out of breath, hungry, and our feet was hurting, but we kept going so we could get there as fast as we could because we wanted to take a nap. When we saw the place we ran and when we got there we had tea, laughed, and talked about the trip up. We talked about how we were scared at some parts coming up but it was funny.
Were about to leave the tea place. The thing that scared us was that we had to go back down the mountain. As we left and started going back down we were all scared because it was so high up and did not want to fall off the mountain and get hurt. As were going down were scared but we took are time so we wouldn’t get hurt. We are half way down the hill and we start running so we can get down the mountain. We finally reach the bottom of the mountain and we are tired so we get in the limo and head home and we just all go to sleep with in ten minutes.

By: malik Norris

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