Dream War

December 15, 2009
By Sandwichman329 BRONZE, Lawrence, Kansas
Sandwichman329 BRONZE, Lawrence, Kansas
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A grenade went off nearby showering me with pebbles. My squad had found a rebel outpost, we were the W.O.L.F. Pack. We were the fittest, smartest, and toughest the military had to offer, and I was the youngest squad leader in history.

“Captain! The enemy is only half a click south!”

“Then let’s get there, corporal!” I shouted back.

“Sir! Sergeant Jackson saw rebel commander!”


It was supposed to be a simple recon mission. Now we were in a firefight to end the war. My feet pounded into the hard ground jarring me with each step. A hail of bullets whizzed by. I shrugged off my pack and dove behind a mound of dirt.

“Sir! There are only six rebels remaining with the general! This small group was meant to avoid detection!”

“I’ll take him, corporal!”

I charged over the mound. The rebels were caught off guard, and I got three of them before the others registered me. They turned and fired as I dropped. I hit the ground and fired once more dropping another rebel to the dirt. Rolling behind some sandbags, I reloaded. A grenade hit the ground in front of me. Quickly I threw it back. Not a second later, it exploded. It got them. An arm landed in front of me. I looked over the sandbags and a red mist was fading amongst the mutilated corpses.

I stalked toward the base. Suddenly, the nuke siren went off. High Command wasn’t taking any chances, but my squad was still here! We weren’t going to make it out, the bomber could already be seen dropping it overhead. Some people just have no faith.

I awoke and turned off my alarm clock. My bus would arrive soon.

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