A hungry Crew in the Bed of a Little Boy

December 15, 2009
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Once upon a time there was a little boy named James who lived in East London and only had one wish: to explore ancient lands and marvelous places. One night when he went to sleep he had a most likely awkward dream [...]

JAMES COOK! James Cook! Wake up! Wake up! It is time! Your boat is about to leave the docks! Grab your belongings and leave now!I finally got out of the comfort of my bed only to realize that it was time for me to leave my home and hurry to the port, I packed up my winter clothing and ran as fast as possible towards my destiny. On the way I was almost exhausted of running so I dropped my bag and ran even faster, the ship was almost out of reach, yet I was able to leap and grab a tip of the anchor. I climbed up unto the nets of the bow and fall into a deep moment of glory, it was then that the captain looked at me. His face was almost red as the tomatoes in the fields of Humgerburg, I was ready to hear him screech, he looked into my eyes, took a long breath, and screamed to the top of his lungs: ‘’ James Cook! Report to the kitchen now!

It was almost midday and there were around twenty hungry men on board. I ran as fast as my feet could carry me towards the kitchen the fire was already lit, for it seemed that the captain himself was preparing his own meal, I grabbed my cauldron and a wooden spoon and started to look for ingredients on the cabinets and counters of the small kitchen. Minced meat will be great with some potatoes and some Manisoba! (An indigenous plant found in the depths of the Amazon, in the New Word). The meal was almost ready, it was half past one, and the crew were lining up to receive their plates full of food. My assistant: Sebastian Henry was helping me fill their plates, feeding twenty hungry men was tough business, yet nothing compared to the feast of Saint Juanines Day, where I was in charge of preparing the meals of around one hundred and fifty laboursmen and their families. I had met Captain Morrison that day and he had convinced me to sign a document in which I was enroled of being the cook of the boat Saint Nicolas for three months with a dignified Honor and a handful of golden coins. My duty was certain and I wanted my mum to be proud of me...
James Cook honey wake up! It’s time to go to school! Don’t be late, breakfast is on the table!
‘’Five more minutes mom I am triying to remember my very weird dream’’.....


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