A Priate Tale Without a Name 3

December 15, 2009
By , Millbrae, CA
Three days passed by and each morning Thomas would come by to see if she had gotten better and each morning I would turn him down. I would bring her food from breakfast which she gladly ate. During the day when I was out, she would stay in bed and read the multitude of books around my room. By the end of the second day she was already reading her third book. The third day however was different, like a changing wind. It was sure to affect us all.
I stepped into my cabin after lunch carrying a plate of extras with me; the crew had not yet noticed my larger than usual appetite. Natalie lay on the bed waiting for me.
“What is it this morning?” she said sitting up.
“Pickled eggs and pickled meat” I said placing the food down for her. She stared at it for a minute.
“Come away with me” she said looking up at me.
“I want to leave this ship, and I want you to come with me” My eyes darted around the room,
“But, I can’t, this is my home, I’ve been here forever”
“I can’t stay in this room with you forever. Thomas will come back for me and then what? You’ll never see me again” I contemplated this for a while. I knew that it could not last like this. Thomas would eventually come for her illness or not and she would once again succumb to her silence. And that could be tomorrow.
“You’re right. But how would we escape? We’re on a vessel in the ocean; we can’t very well just run away”
“You’re a navigator aren’t you? We can slip away under the cover of night on one of the lifeboats”
“I suppose we could ride the currents to northern Whales”
“Exactly, it will be the perfect escape” Knock, Knock. Someone was at the door. Natalie lay down and hid the plate under the covers. I opened it and Thomas stood there with a scowl.
“What you be doin?”
“Why Brother, I’m just reading my books”
“Then who are you talkin’ to?”
“Brother I was merely reading aloud so I can better understand the words”
“Well is that wench betta then?”
“I’m afraid she is still ill, however I believe she will be better by tomorrow”
“She ‘ad better be!” he shut the door behind him with a bang, chipping the wood a little. I turned to Natalie
“We’ll leave at midnight”

That night the waters were rough but the moon was out. This meant we had a chance of being seen and not heard. I cracked the door and took a look around. No one was there; we walked lightly, but with each step the wooden board screamed They’re here! They are getting away! Stop them! And I expected someone to turn the corner, but we made it through the cabins. The deck was lit up by the light of the moon. I could see the boats waiting for us, so we ran. I must have broken a record for how fast I ran. We reached the boats, and I my heart began to cease the palpitations when,
“Ya know it’s a darn shame Brother” Thomas stepped out from a shadow under the mast.
“Please Thomas don't-“
“Don't what? Don't go behind your back? Don't betray you my flesh and blood for some dirty wench?” he drew his sword. “Come on Brother, let’s make this one count” I drew my sword knowing where I stood, and how I had got there. We circled waiting for a sudden move. The swords flashed in the moonlight, dashing back and forth, we could feel the difference in each other. Every strike counted. We had given each other too much practice; we knew each other’s moves, how we fought, and where we would strike. It was almost like old times. I flung his sword into the air disarming him.
“Well, it seems you’ve outdone me again little Brother, but do you have the guts to finish the job?” We stared into each other’s eyes. “Come on! Stick me like I know you want to” I held my sword still. “DO IT!” He drew a pistol and took a shot, but I dodged and stuck him with my sword. Thomas fell over, dying like a true pirate. I looked at Natalie and saw the shock on her face, and the red stain spreading on her chest. She lost her balance and tumbled over the gunwale.
I jumped off the side and dove into the cold raging tide.
And now I am sinking. I feel my way through the darkness; I feel nothing but cold. Finally I feel a hand, I squeeze and it squeezes back. I look up towards the ship and see the tears of Morgana falling above.

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