A Pirate Tale Without a Name 2

December 15, 2009
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Bang! The crew was working when the sound broke the silence. Bang! The sound was coming from the brig. Bang! Hurried footsteps came to the door. BANG! The door flew open and Leo the galley worker fell on his back. Thomas stepped through the door with death in his eyes. Leo was a glutton, the fact that Thomas could toss him through the door meant his anger came from the depths of hell. He held a meat tenderizer and was tapping it in his hands. We circled round as he calmly walked towards Leo who lay on the ground with in wind knocked out of him.
“This man is a traitor to ‘is superior officer. I want you all to see this” Thomas said pivoting with the tenderizer held out. He looked back down at Leo whose face was swelling from the blows he had already taken. I had seen too many men die horrible deaths on this ship. I looked up to the helm. The Captain watched from above as his crew tore each other apart. Leo hardly resembled himself; he was a lifeless waste now. Blood drenched his face. His skull was cracked. His thumbs were smashed. His eye socket was broken so that the eye was slightly exposed. Thomas stood up whipping the blood from his face with his shirt. “Let this be a lesson to all of ya” some men came to haul him overboard like clockwork. It was second nature by this time. It took four men to lift and toss him over, a testament to Leo’s great size, and to my brother’s fury. “I will not stand fer disobedience. Any man who dare challenge my authority will suffer the same fate”

That night I sat in my chambers reading the Bible. I was rereading the creation of Eve when I heard a feint knock on my door.
“Brother, it’s me, let me in” I opened the door and Thomas walked in with the girl behind him.
“What’s going on?” I stood perplexed.
“Brother, I need to ‘ide the lady ‘ere. I don’t trust the crew anymore. I feel like they’re plottin’ to make a go at ‘er. Yer the only one I can trust. You won’t ‘ave to worry ‘bout ‘er. She don’t talk much and she don’t eat, just make sure you got a place to ‘ide ‘er”
“Very well brother. Have a seat over there miss” I pointed to the only other chair on board with cushions; she sat on the chair and gave an expression that seemed grateful.
“Thank you, brother” he stepped out of my room and closed the door behind him. Followed by silence. She sat in the chair staring at me, either waiting for me to strike or to pounce, or both. But I sat in my chair and continued to read while still feeling her eyes on me. That night I made a bed out of the chest at the foot of my bed. She slept in a bed of my clothes, the closest thing to comfort I could find her short of my blankets. I was still a pirate, those were still my blankets.
Thomas would come every day to pick her up for his own purpose. When she would return she might have a new bruise or scratch on her. She always had the same expression of dread. If I sat in the room too long, her mood would start to affect mine. On a good day Thomas might not show up at all. On those days she seemed more relaxed and you could she was still conscious. Her eyes would move around the room instead of fixed on the ground. You could tell she was thinking, but whatever hope was crushed the next day by Thomas’ arrival. It had been several weeks of this cycle till one day I heard a smooth voice say
“What are you reading?”
I looked up in astonishment that she had broken out of her shell so easily. “The Bible” I replied.
“What story?”
“It’s the story of Adam and Eve”
“Oh I love that story; it’s one of my favorites”
“It happens to be one of my favorites as well”

“My names Natalie” she said sitting up with such confidence you’d think she were in her own home.

“I’m James” The conversation went on into the night. We talked about all sorts of things. Mostly her home and where she came from. She was a classy woman; born an upright and proper lady into a noble British family. She had read many more books than me, which only furthered my interest in her. She told me of her life growing up becoming an exquisite ballroom dancer and having sung in many performances. She was every man’s dream and to have had her with me was enough to make me die satisfied.

The next morning I had woken up in my chair still fully dressed. I glanced at my bed and noticed that Natalie had taken the opportunity to sleep comfortably for once. I wasn’t sure her accommodations before but they certainly had been much worse. As I rose I heard the knocking of feint footsteps. I sprang to my feet and shook Natalie

“You must get up, Thomas is coming and he can’t see you here”. She murmured in her sleep and I continued to shake her. I heard him coming down the hall, but she still did not wake. In a last desperate attempt I grabbed a wet rag, and placed in on her forehead just as Thomas walked in.

“Oy, what’s goin’ on ‘ere?” he said seeing me standing over Natalie sleeping in my bed.

“Oh Brother I’m glad you’re here. Your lady friend seems to have fallen ill over the night”

“She’s sick is she? What’s she got?”

“A horrible fever and inflammation of the throat. I suggest you not go near her, lest you catch it.

“Poor wench, she shoulda taken better care of ‘erself. Oh well, tell me if are able to do anything Brother” he said closing the door behind him. A breathed a sigh of relief which was pulled from me as Natalie sat up and wrapped her arms around me.
“I heard the whole thing. I can’t believe you would do such a thing for me” I could feel my cheeks glowing red.
“I figured you needed your rest”.

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