The black mask

December 14, 2009
By licos GOLD, Miami, Florida
licos GOLD, Miami, Florida
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“Noooooo!!!!! Please don’t” But he just stood there with the gun faced at my wife. He smiled and said in a cold voice “now I want you to feel the pain I felt for years on end. FEEL ALL MY SUFERING!!” And at that moment the director yelled “CUT! That was brilliant. I could actually feel your sorrow Joseph (the husband). It’s perfect! Next scene I want you Tom (the shooter) to miss the shoot and Joseph you get the gun and choose if to kill him or not. I want you to play along with the scene ok?” but as he was about to say action, a mail carrier came running towards me with a package in his hands. When he stopped in front of me he stood straight and said “package for you sir” I thanked him and he was off. I opened the package and inside was a black cloth. When I looked at it again I saw two circular holes for eyes and an oval like hole for a mouth. I realized it was a mask, colored black since no wood is black. But as I held it, it gave me a creepy feeling like it was looking at me as I looked at it. I went to my trailer and put the mask down on my work desk. I got in my bed and fell asleep. When I woke up it was in the middle of the night, but I had a strange feeling as I got out of bed. But as I sat up I saw that the mask I received earlier was floating in front of me! It had a sharp toothed grin and the eye holes were narrow and red and in the dead of night the blackness of the mask seemed more menacing. Just as I was about to make a run for it the mask lunged onto my face. Then I heard a voice in my head, an eerie voice saying “your face shall belong to me! I will control you and I shall take over this world once again!!!” Seconds later I woke to the shine of the sun with cold sweat dripping down my face. I looked at the desk and the black mask was still there! I was wondering if it was all a dream, but something about it seemed so real. I was about to throw it in the trash and just forget about it when the director called me. He said it was time for the final scene. I dropped the mask in the trash anyway as I left the trailer. As I turned around, the trash guy was entering the tailor and dumping the mask. I was happy know but I still had a strange feeling the mask was still watching me even as it was getting further away from me. As I entered the next scene I remembered what the director told me the other day. So I would just act everything out without a script. So we began with Tom standing over my dead wife and aiming the gun at me. And so we began. “NNOOOOOOOO!!! She’s dead” I sobbed loudly. As tom shot at me he missed and I grabbed the gun from him. “YOU TOOK EVERY THING FROM ME!!NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!!!!!” As I posed over tom, trying to stop from smiling started to scream all of a sudden. Everyone thought he was acting but I saw the fear in his eyes, not of me but behind me!? I turned and there was the mask again floating with the same smile as from in my dream. Then it spoke! “I am ogas Devour of faces, now I shall have your face Joseph!” it again lunged towards me like in my dream and attached itself to my face. “AAAANNND CUUUUT! The real director yelled. You see it was just a movie in a movie. The real director came up to me and said “that was brilliant. I love working with ya boy. I bowed with the mask still on and laughed my way to my room. When I got there I jumped into bed. But there was a package on my dresser addressed to me. And I wondered who could have sent it and what inside.

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