rugrats grow up

December 14, 2009
By vhsone BRONZE, Litchfield Park, Arizona
vhsone BRONZE, Litchfield Park, Arizona
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Chuckie and me are at my house my mommy and daddy are cleaning the house they put me and Chuckie in side the playpen. I am talking to Chuckie about what we are going to do today. Chuckie is always scared to do things. Chuckie and me kind of been fighting lately because I called him a chicken. So I am trying to convince Chuckie to come with us on a adventure today instead of staying back and being scared. So I am asking Chuckie what would he like to do today. Chuckie said I would like to blow bubbles and play freeze tag. Ok I write that down on my white board. Door bell rings “Ding Dong” me and Chuckie walk over to the other side of the playpen. Chuckie its Phil and Lil. Betty and Howie drop off Phil and Lil inside the playpen. Hi guys what’s up. Phil had his Reptar doll Lil had her Crayons. Phil tells me what they did last night. Phil played with his reptar doll and picked his belly button. Lil said she colored all over her coloring book. That sounds super duper fun guys. So Phil whats you idea for are adventure today. Phils idea was to go to a jungle and hangout with Reptar. I wrote that down on the white board. Lil what do you want to do today. Lil said whatever my bestest brother ever wants to do. Ok Lil, so we will flip a coin, heads is for chuckies idea and tails is for phil and Lils idea. Chuckie said well what about your idea Tommy. My idea no one would want to do. Phil and lil said what is your Idea Tommy. Are you slur you want to here my idea. They said yes we do, ok my idea is to go on a adventure we never have done before. Let’s go to outer space to go to the moon and explore it. They all said wow Tommy that is a great idea, sounds super cool. Let us go do it, ok phil go grab my tool belt. I get my tools and grab my screwdriver out of my tool bag and I take the screwdriver and open the playpen. Let us go guys off to my dad’s work room to take his space machine he is making for me for my birthday. We are walking down the hall I see my mom and dad outside cooking. The door bell rings, guys hide. It was Angelica I call her the wicked witch. Angelica walks in to go to the play pen and doesn’t see us so she looks for us. Angelica found us. She said what are you babies doing out of your playpen I am gunna go tell on you. No wait angelica my bestest cousin ever don’t tell. She said what’s in it for me little cousin. You can come with us on our adventure to space. She said ok it better be good and fun. Don’t worry it will be fun and very adventurous. So we continue to the basement. We all start crawling down the stairs. Chuckie tripped on his shoelace and he started falling down the stairs I caught him. Chuckie said thanks Tommy for saving me. So we continued to the bottom of the stairs. We got to the bottom of the basement. we looked all over the room for the spaceship.
“load up guys” in the space ship. I am the driver, Inside the spaceship it had four bedrooms, and only one bathroom. Inside each one of the rooms there was space suit on the bed, they all changed into the suites and the countdown began. “Ten”, “nine”, “eight”, “six”, “five”, “four”, “three”, “two”, “one”, “zero”, “BLAST OFF”. Wow guys look at the world from this view. It looks so beautiful. Angelica said o my god babies this isn’t fun at all this is very boring. Hey sit down and wait we are almost there then you will see. Chuckie looks very scared he hasn’t talked the whole trip. Chuckie are you ok, he said Yes Tommy I am just very scared right now. Its ok Chuckie, we are almost there we are landing right now. So we crash land it was a bumpy ride down. We landed on the moon right next to the American flag. I said first step for baby one big step for me, as I stepped on the moon. Angelica said shut up you stupid babies, no what we are going to do on this god for saken planet. We are going to explore it angelica. We are going to find the famous moon cheese. So we start moon jumping. Towards the south, we find a red light flashing. We bounce over to the red light and a door opened. Wow guys look at this, Chuckie said guys stop I don’t think we should go in there. Chuckie if you don’t want to go then don’t come, lets go phil and Lil we start walking and chuckie hears a noise and he said Guys wait up and runs and trips on his shoe lace. So we continue threw the cave. We see another door and walk inside of it. We find a cool little go carts we all load up and put are seat belts on. And start going on the track, the track was about 3 miles long. It was super duper fun. Hey Phil is this more funer then playing with my reptar doll. Lil are you having fun? Lil said oo yes Tommy this is very fun. Chuckie how are you feeling. He said man Tommy I am having more fun then I thought I was going to have. Angelica said you Babies are funner then I thought you guys would be. So as we all got out of the go carts we continued fallowing the yellow brick road just like in the wizard of oz. we are going down the road and see people. I am getting scared, so we ran into the room we saw a little bit to the right. We ran into there. Guys in here, chuckie said Tommy, Tommy looook what is that. O my god that’s some weird thingy mergiger. Lets see what it dose. Angelicas since you are older do you want to go first. She loaded up in the Machine. And I pressed the big red button. And the whole room started shaking, and then the building blacked out for just a second. Wow what just happened, Angelica walked out of the machine and said Babies this didn’t do anything. Angelica yes it did look in the mirror. She looks like she is 15 years old. So Phil Lil, and Chuckie get in the machine and they come out age 13. I step in the machine and become 13 and now we are teenagers it is so cool.

The author's comments:
always wanted to know how they grew up so fast.

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