Keep Flying

December 6, 2009
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I hated being surrounded by trees all day long. Being a bird was kind of boring but maybe how I lived my life was the problem. But what more could I do? Just fly around, get food, and I never wanted to leave my surrounding area I was in. I did not have many friends and I never knew my family. In a way, that could be a good thing since I never had to endure frustration and disappointment. It had been raining several days straight and I did not know how much longer I could put up with it. For the first time, I felt like I needed to go somewhere. I felt as if the rain was telling me to move on with my life and experience something new. I was afraid to leave the place I had adapted to and knew so well but I had overcome the feeling that I was ready. I flew above the trees with no set destination but that was the exciting part. I kept on flying. I arrived in an unknown city with the tallest buildings and unbearable chaos. So many people were talking and running around I did not know where to look first. I sat on an empty bench and began to observe the environment. Everything seemed so loud and busy which was great. The city was nothing like being up in the trees, the complete opposite. Everyone was walking somewhere with a purpose. Unlike me, who spent my days flying in circles. So each day, I spent time just watching life happen around me. I would sometimes go to a different section or street of the city but it was all the same. On a particular day, the weather was cloudy and just depressing. So I sat on a bench and began to watch people. Although, it was very different today. People looked upset, like something had gone wrong. I mean, some people looked content but there was a majority that looked discontent and for some strange reason I had never noticed this before. For instance, I saw one girl walking by herself with tears in her eyes. She looked as if she needed to run away from whatever it was that was causing those tears. A man was sitting on a nearby bench staring at the ground. A middle-aged woman was arguing with someone on her cell phone. A couple was walking side-by-side but they seemed far apart. I felt as if I had been blindfolded the past week, thinking that this city was the happiest place. But after seeing this disappointment and hurt I became angry thinking that there is nowhere in this world that could be happy. I rapidly started to fly and did that for an hour until I was determinded to sit at the very top of a building. I flew higher and higher to reach the top. I finally got there and was exhausted. It was about seven in the evening now since the sky was getting darker. I looked down from the building and realized how far up I was. I could not really see anything clearly, everyone looked like small dots. But I looked ahead of me and stared at the sunset. I felt a sense of security that I had not felt in the trees or like in the city today. I looked down at the small dots of people and looked back at the sunset knowing I like the view a lot better from up here.

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