Chapter 16

December 9, 2009
By Anonymous

By now Jerry Crunch has no time to spare for he is being followed by the guards of La Force. He leaves a note for Ms. Pross and takes the carriage to the border. At the border he gets stopped by a policeman.

“Do you have your papers,” asks the policeman.

“I most certainly do,” replied Jerry Cruncher as he nervously grabbed them from his bag that he had packed. As the policeman observed Jerry’s nervous precautions he became curious so he asks,

“What is your reason for leaving France?” By now jerry is becoming very anxious to cross the border and tells the truth that he is afraid of being captured by La Force which has guards following him right now. Little did Jerry know that a new law had been made stating that you are not allowed to say that you are afraid of La Force so the policeman tries to arrest him. Jerry does not go down without a fight though. He shoves the policeman out of the way and sprints across the border. He dodges bullets from the policeman and by this time the guards from La Force have caught up to the border but it is too late; Jerry has already crossed the border. The policeman and the guards from La Force deliberate and decide to close down the border and arrest anyone that comes to the border and tries to leave the country.

Ms. Pross arrives at the Manette’s house after going to her house to pack her bags.

“Jerry, Jerry, are you there?” She asks, but there is no reply. Then she finds the note on the table. It reads,

“I am so sorry, but I saw the guards from La Force coming and I had to go or else they would have caught me. I am going to the border now. To avoid any suspicions go to the hills there is a small abandoned house there. It has plenty of water and supplies there. It is where I go to get away from my wife when she is praying against me. Stay for a day or two and then go to the border.” Now Ms. Pross was extremely angry but she decided to go anyway because it was the best option.

In the meantime Dr. Manette, Mr. Lorry, Lucie, little Lucie, and Charles Darnay are in the carriage on the way to the border.

“Aren’t those the guards from La Force?” Dr. Manette asks Lucie.

“Yes I think so but what are they doing here?” Lucie replied.

“I don’t know but just follow my lead,” Dr. Manette tells Lucie. Dr. Manette is planning to tell the policeman and the guard that Charles Darnay is actually Sydney Carton if they ask. As they pull up to the border to give the papers to the policeman, one of the guards from La Force immediately says,

“Get out of the carriage now,” in a commanding voice and they do.

“What’s the problem gentleman?” Dr. Mannete asks.

“We have been told that you were fleeing the country so you are all arrested.”

“No we’re not who told you that?”

“Jerry Cruncher but it doesn’t really matter you are all still arrested,” said the guard for La Force. Little did they know that Jerry Cruncher actually made a deal with the policeman to let him go across the border. Jerry gave him a lot of money and in exchange he made it look like Jerry forced himself across the border even though the police man let him go.

Ms. Pross was well off in the cabin so she decided to stay because she figured that no one would ever find her there, but she was wrong. Three days later a soldier came knocking on the door and arrested her. In La Force Lucie, Dr. Manette, little Lucie, Charles Darnay, and Ms. Pross all met up. This was the end for them. On the day of their trial they were all sentenced to death by guillotine that night.

Night had come and the guillotine was ready. There were four bonfires blazing to light the scene. The night was dark, but the stars were out and the moon was unusually bright. In the cool, crisp, air of the night they went one by one into the guillotine. First was Mr. Lorry, followed by Charles Darnay, then little Lucie, then Lucie, then Ms. Pross, and finally Dr. Manette. Even though they all died separately, they were together in the stars above. As for Jerry Cruncher, he would live alone for a long, long time. Never to be seen or heard of again.

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