Stealth in the Night

November 26, 2009
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‘What good would that do’?

I was walking up the street that lead to my orphanage, the road was flooding with water, the rain was pouring down hard that night.
I had just been running and was out of breath. I was wet, cold and having a bad day.
Tonight was not a good night but despite it, I had to get inside before they found me and if he did, I was dead. Literally. He had been chasing me for a while, I had escaped from him and took it as a game but tonight was different I did not really want to escape. I mean I wanted to but there wasn’t any real point in escaping, I didn’t have much to keep me going; there were only two people who cared and that was enough before but not any more now I felt empty like there was a part of me missing all the time.
I heard a scuffling noise following me I turned around to see billy standing there smirking, whispering to himself it is the confrontation he had wanted for a long time now.
He was huffing and puffing and this time I was not going to run if he won then ill just have to live with it, well not live but you know.
“Took your time” I snickered
“Ran into some trouble” billy replied.
“Oh really what kind”
“Just my parents there always telling me what to do”
“Yeah I know what you mean” I replied
“yeah your rite I wish they just got of my back for once and” he suddenly stopped then started looking at me “look ray I know what your doing and look we where friends a long time ago but now things change its a fish eat fish world out there” billy said modest.
“Let’s just get it over with” billy said
“Fair enough” with that, he came forward knife in hand.
I had been running from him for while now he had to stab me now or they would kill me tomorrow you get use this stuff when you go to my school its fill of gangs and bullies. You know the big ones bullies the smaller ones it was just like that there was nothing I or any one else could do about it trust me I tried.
Billy swinged his mighty fist forward I ducked threw a punch at his stomach it hit its target; he staggered back but gained his balance again.
He lunged anther punch at my face but I was quicker I ducked and swinged he blocked and stabbed we both fought relentless me trying to evade and block while his trying to stab and hopefully kill.
I kept dodging the knife of doom but my energy was fading fast he lunged again, I dodged, but he got me with his knee in my gut. I fell to the ground, tried to get up but he kicked me back on the ground, tried once more but still to no avail I gave up trying and just thought about where he was going to stab me with his dirty knife, this time he held me in place with his foot.
“Hmm where should I stab you?” he said
“Well you should just stab in a place that doesn’t hurt as much”
“Yeah well all the place’s hurt”
“Yeah well just stab me some where that I will die quicker then”
“Fair enough I know just the place” he leaned the knife close down to my neck
“You ready”
“go-“before he could finish the word: some one had pulled him to the ground I was stunned all I saw was two kids rolling on the floor, then I saw her Terisa was the person who saved my life; they rolled on the floor to and fro her majestic hair flaying around the place.
Terisa had saved my skin a million and one times and now she done it again it was my turn to help out for a change, I decided what to do I ran to billy pulled him up threw a punch at his face, chucked him to the floor, helped Terisa up and ran.
The orphanage was just a few blocks away we ran as fast as we could the wind and rain pushed us back I could hear billy’s groan from the distance. I could just see the outline of the building it was old and run down like most building in this suburb it was two storey but two of the windows were smashed it had a huge graffiti at the side witch says kill; I think.
I ran faster pushing Terisa onward, billy now was up and ready he was already running after us. I could hear his heavy boot stomping against the road. but he wasn’t quick enough we stormed into the house as hard and fast as we could muster, the door flew open with a bang I fell on the ground tersia on top of me Greg was in the living room and he was surprised at first but then quickly helped us up.

This was a close one I thought to my self if it wasn’t for tersia I would have been lying on the floor dead but that hadn’t occurred so I was safe for now I got up to lock the door. My nerves jumped when I saw billy standing in front of the door I almost puked him held his dirty knife in front of him.
“Got lucky did you,” he said
“Yeah” I said proud
“Pathetic got your girl friend to help”
“She’s not my girl friend and she did kick your a**,” I said spiteful
“I’ll get you tomorrow” with that he walked away in the rain
I would have felt something if I knew I would never be able to see him again
“Raymond you owe me big time” tersia said
“For sure” Greg added
“Yeah I know and thanks,” I said
“No problem” she replied
“All right- hey are show is on” Greg assumed
“What really” I said
“Yeah come on”
Greg and terisa are my two best friends {there my only friends} we hang out go to the same school and orphanage our lives are twisted, normal people would go to a nice school have lots of friends cool parents but not us. We have no family a school where you have to kill or be killed it was scary at first but you get use to it I look after my friends they look after me.
We entered the living room the other two orphan kids Anna and mike were sitting in front of the tellie we sat next to them this was my favourite time of day watching TV with friends relaxing no worries. After the show, we went to bed terisa, Greg, and I slept in the same room mike Anna slept in another.
“So ray what you going to do against billy,” Greg asked
“What can I do?”
“Well you can’t fight him so just tell the cops,” said Terisa, that was supposed to be a joke the cops did not care about us and we do not care abot them its life.
“Hey I know” I thought I was thinking this for a long time now but I didn’t have the courage to tell them before and now since it was this or die in the morning I had no choice.
“Lets runaway” I finished
“What” They both said
“Yeah come on what do we have to lose the three of us together we can do anything”
“Yeah but... are you... how do we... that’s insane” Greg stuttered
“Exactly come on Greg we can do it just the three of us” I said enthusiastically
“What about the orphanages, the school, are lives,” Greg blurted
“Yeah ray lets do it,” Terisa said
“What about them there messed up and this could fix it” I said triying to reson with Greg.
“Why would you think running away will fix it”
“No but you don’t get it” I explained
Terisa stood next to me a grin on her face she looked at me then at Greg
“I’m with Ray come on Greg we can do it” she said
“Fine all right but don’t get me killed” he finished
“Yes” we both said Terisa hugged him. In addition, I patted him on the back
“Finally that’s sorted how we going to do it” I asked
“We will do it tomorrow ok don’t worry about food and the escape route I got it sorted” I said
“Fine by me”
“Same here”
“All right I’ll do clothes” Terisa replied
“And me resources” Greg said
“Yeah all right so let’s go to sleep meet in the living room seven a clock sharp bring what you need all right”
“Fine by me”
“Right good night” said
I woke up the next morning with a sick felling in the pit of my stomach I hit my head on the top bunk as usual but this time Greg wasn’t here to moan about it witch was odd but I told my self he was in the living room getting ready yo pack. My head was foggy my eyes were itchy the wooden floor cold against my bare feet I opened the door to hear people talking in hush tones.
“Where is he we got the girl and we need the boy”
“Look just leave; ok” It sounded like Greg’s voice
“I’m not going any where until I get what I’m looking for”
Hearing that I walked down the wooden stairs not shore were I’m going
Biggest mistake of my life
“Leave” Greg yelled
“No” said mysterious man; I walked into the living room
The room was normal except for Terisa lying in the corner of the room Greg was standing next to a man in black clock.
“There he is” the man had said
He walked towards me he was as tall as the ceiling and as wide as a couch just looking at him over awed me before he reached me, Greg jumped in front yelling
“Not again please don’t” repeatedly.
With a swipe he picked Greg up throw him to the stairs with a loud thud he laid there motion less.
“Poor kid” the man had muttered
Seeing Greg falling on the ground motion kicked my natral instincts and terrified terisa was making no sense but some how I under stood before I could ask the question the rope snapped we fell.
I did not even notice I was falling. I was still thinking about all the thing terisa had said I looked to my side the wind flushing throw my skin and clothes and that’s when I gave up triying t find out what she meant I looked deep in to her eyes she looked into mine the last thing I said was.

“It’s going to be okay”.

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