Gecko's day

November 24, 2009
By Anonymous

hearing the voice of the subway rails made me tremble, thinking one day that I could slip and fall down and never see the lights of day, for a small thing like me. I have to watch out for everything that could pulverize me in a split second. finally the subway train stops for me to get in, but as I walk out I notice that there is a weird old man staring and following me, out from the other door. I decided to run back into the train to see if he followed and went back in the train to prove myself right and he did. this man is stalking me alright! just before the door closed I jump back out of the train, tricking the man into staying in. oh what a chubby fellow he was. only half his stomach had made it out before he noticed he wasn't going to make it out. the train leaves, and the man just looks at me from the inside of the train admiring my intelligence. what a weird fellow he is. it doesn't matter though. it was time to go to work. the only place where I could help others get the right insurance they need to protect their vehicles and save money. that would make anyone happy. I was glad to provide it for them. It is my life goal to do.

its a good thing the building was close to the subway station, or else I would of been walking all day to work. As I cross the street I try to run as fast as I could, to make it across. all people could see is a little green dash zooming across the road. I might be small and green, but when i run on my four legs I can run double the speed an average person goes when they walk. thats pretty fast for a small guy like me. going across the road I notice that there is a big accident that happened on the corner of the street, next to my favorite restaurant called Lombardo's pizza. My dark shining brown eyes couldn't believe how horrifying it was. hopefully they have my kind of insurance. i''ll check it out later though, when i get out of work. when I got inside the building, molly, an operator looked me surprised to see that I was still alive, as usual. i smile back at her pretty face and tell her, " Hallo there Molly". With my modern Austrailian accent, then stand in front of the elevator and wait patiently, to see if a kind person could help me by pushing the button. Robert, a security, finally sees me and pushes it." thanks Robert", I say to him. "no problem little man, your insurance helps me a lot". I smile and stick out my skinny, light colored chest like a hero then run in the elevator.

as I run in the elevator, the door barely clippes my tail as it closes. I stare at it, happy to see it's still whole. "My god, that was a close one", I say to myself. the door opens as I get to the top and I see the set ready for shooting a new commercial. now this was my home. the only place where i felt i could make a difference in somebodies life. i was really proud to be here. I run up to the director very energized and say," Billy I’m ready for yah". Billy smiles back at me happy to see me like always and says," go Gieko".

The author's comments:
its cool and revealing

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