It's what had to be done..

November 24, 2009
By afilman PLATINUM, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
afilman PLATINUM, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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The wind pierced Kelly’s skin as she made a dash from her car to her apartment doors. It was only nine thirty on that July night, but storm clouds were rolling in covering what was left of the sunset. Kelly meticulously went through her purse searching for her keys. After almost emptying out her bag, the key was found. She unlocked the door and slipped inside. The security guard of her building had his feet up on the desk and his hat tipped over his eyes. She ran up the stairs to the sound of his snores.

She planed on using the lax security of her building to her advantage tonight. Kelly obviated this murder for three weeks, she had been preparing in everyway possible. She had been leaving the building at sporadic times, so when she left at 2:26 this morning, no one would seem considered.

Sammy Johnson, the woman who had stolen Kelly’s husband in the blink of an eye would be the victim tonight. On May twenty second Kelly opened the door to the apartment she shared with her husband. The sound of a women’s laugh pierced her ears like a gun shot. Kelly couldn’t look as she raised her hand and knocked on her bedroom door. A gasp, pitter pattering on the floor trying to gather up clothing, and a quip spewing out of Sammy’s mouth on her way out the door was all Kelly remembered of that evening. The next day her husband left, placing his key on the counter, that was his only goodbye. As time elapsed Kelly’s motive and will to kill grew stronger.

At 2:26 on that stormy July night, Kelly lurked out side the back of Sammy’s domicile, She watched as Sammy creaked open the door and wandered to her car. Kelly grabbed Sammy, dragging her to the side of the building. As Kelly turned the corner with Sammy in hand, she spotted three boys in hoods and baggy jeans, both parties knew they had spotted something the shouldn’t have seen.

The police could never prove their conjecture that Kelly had killed Sammy. Kelly has cleaned up any evidence, the motive was there and everyone knew it, but Kelly’s alibi was believable, and her neighbors and co-workers belied Kelly would never do something this rash. The three boys who had witnessed Kelly’s lurid crime never came forward. Kelly had seen them dealing outside the building, they had made a small agreement to pretend the events of the night had not occurred.

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