Prologue: Dark Times

November 20, 2009
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Darkness falls across the Land. Time slips away as though it’s sand. With his rotting bony hand, you’ll join his army and soon be banned, from the life you once knew. No stopping this action to come into play. No words you know, or phrase you could say. You’ll only see night and not the day, and it will happen soon… Soon.

“Do you have my army ready General Gar?” a voice from the shadows asked, almost sighing. Gar knelt on one knee, his head bowed, and sword in front of him, as though offering it to the shadows. He grinned evilly, his eyes flashing black over their red tinge.
“Yes, my lord. The Huemans are in position, and await your command… They’re eager for blood.” Gar said, his voice echoing across the large throne room. All was pitch black, except for the moonlight coming from the only window in the Palace. The throne its self was made of shadow. The voice breathed from his throne with satisfaction. The man holding the voice came out of the shadows, looking up at the full moon. A dragon skull covered his face, only showing his white eyes. He wore black armor with the sign of the Dark Lord in red.
“Good. Then move out. Take down the village, and search for the Wind Being. Take any hostages that might know who it is. Once you find out who it is, bring them to me.” The man simply stated. “And, Gar…?” He asked. Gar looked up. “Wash your sword with their blood.” Gar ‘s sinister smile spread across his ugly face, his teeth sharp like a Draco’s.
“Yes my lord. My Dark Lord.” Gar whispered, getting to his feet. He was fairly short compared to the Dark Lord. He bowed, and left, leaving his master alone. Cries of empty souls and new ones coming into the dungeons of Hellic filled the air. Grueling laughter came from the Huemans, as they watched a helpless soul being torn to shreds by a Hellhound. The Dark Lord averted his eyes back up to the moon.
“Be prepared, Shoth… be prepared to loose. I’m coming back for what’s rightfully mine!” he yelled, his echoes copying him. With a flick of his red cloak, he disappeared in a cloud of gray smoke.

“Rip their limbs off, and wash the ground with their blood. Show no mercy!” Gar cried out over the roars of the Huemans. They pounded their spears and weapons on the ground. Gar looked over the army. The village would have no chance… The world will end, and he shall rule by his master, over the ruins of Zarion. When the cheers died down, Gar continued. “ I don’t want to see a hint of pity in your eyes. You were bred to kill, and to shed blood of our enemies. Prove that your kind is the dominant! Who do you serve!” Gar cried, raising his sword in the air. The Huemans copied.
“THE DARK LORD!!” Thy shouted.
“THE DARK LORD!!!” The Huemans went nuts, cheering so loud; the earth would’ve shook.
“Leave the Wind Being to me… Move out!!” Gar cried. The Huemans ran from the balcony, fighting over who goes first on the Dark Dragons. Gar whistled, and his own steed flew to him. It wasn’t a Dragon, but it looked almost like one. It was serpentine, pure black, with piercing red eyes, just like his own. Its talons were longer than a double-sided sword, and were razor sharp. It purr- growled, as Gar mounted it. He ran his hand over its bumpy scales, and whipped its hind- corners. It screeched, and flew over the army. Gar looked out towards the Enchanted Sea of Air. It was his time to prove himself… The Dark Dragons behind him started to fly, their huge pinions spreading out. He led them out of the DeadLands, and into the destruction of the village that denied them for so long. It was time for a blood spill.

Queen Keyo sat up in her bed. She glanced around. No sign of Darkness. Her room was lit by the sun, shining off the crystal interior. Her bed was even made of crystal, but it wasn’t hard like a rock. It was warm and plushy, just like a regular bed. A fountain was centered in the middle of her balcony, and sprayed out glistening water. Everything seemed so normal. She dragged herself out of bed, her peacock robe dragging after her. She went out on the balcony. The dead trees started to bloom pink flowers and leaves. Animals were waking from their sleep. It was almost time for spring. The time the Wind Being would be known. A few Water Normals passed by her house, talking of school and something about their mates. When they saw Queen Keyo, they waved smiling, and then went on their way. The snow on the ground wasn’t as much as it usually was in winter, about eight feet deep. It was now back to normal, about three feet. No one even knew that Hellic had sprung loose. They didn’t even seem to care. Keyo picked up her robe, and walked over to her bed again, and sat down.
“Sweut! Sweut! I need your assistance.” The queen called in a light bird voice. A short boy, no younger then nine, came in, his cheeks flushed from the cold. His Polar Bear parka hood was hanging on his shoulders, along with his gut skinned gloves. His eyes were icy blue, and his hair was originally blonde, but since he went into service, it was died sky blue.
“Yes madam?” he asked in his most polite voice. He took one step forward, and smiled. It was what he was taught to do, no matter what the Queen’s mood was.
“Bring me the Blue Crystal please.” Keyo asked. Sweut nodded, and left. Keyo went to the fountain outside with a crystal pitcher. She gathered the water, and brought it to her room. Sweut was waiting for her. She grabbed the crystal from him, and dipped one half in the water. She gently tossed it in the air, like someone throwing a messenger bird. It floated in the air, and started to slowly spin.
“Show me the Wind Being.” Keyo whispered to it. The crystal spun faster by the second. A picture projected from the wet side, and shined on the ceiling. It showed a line of nine grass huts, circling a huge bonfire. The fire reflected its light off the walls, casting long black shadows on the dirt ground. A few logs surrounded the pit of fire, holding four figures each. The figures were like regular Normals, except they obtained a tail of a Dragon, and cat like hands and feet. Tigrite tattoos were printed everywhere on their bodies.
“My queen, are those-“ he was silenced by Keyo’s hand. His mouth shut closed not at his will. Keyo looked back at him. She nodded wide-eyed.
“Yes, Sweut… Ani- Shifters.” Ani- Shifters were creatures of the wind. They were very peaceful beings that worshiped Shoth. Also, they could shift into an animal that is their spirit. How could the Wind Being be one of them? They weren’t weak; it was the fact that Ani- Shifters were never summoned by Shoth to do anything in the war against the DeadLands… they were left alone. Perhaps it was their time for service. The image focused on a girl at the age of fifteen. She had black hair, and piercing silver eyes, unlike the others around her. She was laughing at a joke that her friend made up. Drums sounded off. A slow beat, then they started getting fast by the minute, like a Dragon was rampaging through the land. The drums stopped, as a figure came from the shadows. It was the chief. He wore a Wolf skin over his head, and it hung over his shoulders to his mid- thigh, along with elk skin pants and shirt. Silver swirls, and beads designed them. His face had three lines on each side, the color of green, on his dark skin. His black gray eyes scanned the fire and audience staring at him. He whistled, and three Ani- Shifters stood up from their logs. One from the girl’s stood up as well, planting a frown on her face. Then, something amazing happened. The fire grew, its light becoming unbearable to look at. Keyo could barely see the three beings any more. After a few seconds, a drum slammed, its sound echoing through the trees. The fire died down, and Keyo looked back to the image. The Ani- Shifters weren’t what they used to be. One shifted to a pure black Lion. The other two shifted into a Griffin and a gray Bear. The chief walked to each. He placed his beefy hand on the black Lion’s forehead, and whispered something to them. The Lion seemed to shift uneasy, and it growled. It’s eyes turned blue for a slight moment, then went back to their average color of dark brown. The chief did the same with the others, and said something in the Spirit Language. The Animalings disappeared. The audience gasped, as they watched inattentively.
“Shoth has three new warriors for the army.” The chief spoke in a loud voice. The girl eyed him. She didn’t look like she trusted the chief. A flash passed through her eyes. A hint of the canine family aura seemed to pass through her. She stood up, shouldered her pack, and went into her hut. The image dissolved.
“Sweut?” Queen Keyo called. Sweut stepped forward, his eyes sparkling from what he had just seen. “Get a Water Messenger Bird, and get it here stat.” Sweut nodded, and bounded away at top speed. If Keyo’s image was correct, then she was going to have to send the message fast. Time was slipping. She sat on her bed, hugging her legs. “I hope I’m not too late.” She whispered.

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