November 20, 2009
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There he is, just as dark and depressed as described. There’s the stern teacher, and the bully with the spiked jet black hair. I walked toward the school as awkwardly as a freshman. Glances flew the minute I came through the barricade. This was like a school I had never been at. The door shut, the students didn’t notice. I grabbed the handle and tried the yank it open, filling the air with giggles and laughs. The friction in people’s reactions was priceless; I had changed my appearance to make myself look more like them. Girls looked at me, and flashed a smiled. I finally made my way into the office. I looked at my schedule, and frowned. This wouldn’t work, not for what I was here for. I looked down; there were a couple schedules on the table of the office. I put on my sunglasses and graced down. Perfect, five periods with him. The office lady showed a smile with lipstick edged on her teeth and a short dress the cut her thunder-thighs in half, smart.
“Do you see that pen over there?” I asked talking off my sunglasses, reveling blue eyes. Her favorite, I learned.
“Ya, do ya want it for something? She said with a hick-like voice. I smiled and said
“Ya I need it to change a couple things on my, um schudual.” She smiled, and went to grab it. I picked up the one from the pill and put it back with mine, perfect. She came back with pen, and only found that I was gone. The hallways consisted of girls giggling about some final dance called prom. The guys were easier to read because they weren’t scared to say what they thought loudly. A couple of them started to talk to me, but I told them that I needed to get to class, but cheerleaders were in the gym practicing. Their eyes went wild, and feet stampeded into the gym. It was the truth; cheerleaders were practicing in the gym. But only three were in there, which is considered cheerleaders. I put the sunglasses back on, and found my way to my first period class, social studies. I ‘m lucky that I switched schedules, because he instantly started to talk to me and compare schedules. We had five classes together and lunch, but this school was on lockdown twenty four-seven so I’m not quite sure how I’m going to get him out. I picked a chair close to his, directly diagonal in back of him so if needed I can see what he’s writing. One of the kids put his hand behind his back, and fire appeared. I leaned closer and gently blew on it, making him yelp. Everyone stared at him, almost about to laugh. I wiped the frost from my lips and glared at him. He looked at me, and shot me a glance. I knew him, knew him a little too well. The bell rang, and I immediately grabbed the back of his shirt. The teacher didn’t seem to see, so I pushed him against the wall. He looked at me, and I looked at him. I let him down, he wouldn’t do much. I felt a grab of the back of my jacket, and someone pushed me into a closet. I hit the back of the wall and sunk down to the cold floor. I heard a sharp noise, like an alarm. The lady in the offices voice filled the room, piercing my ears. A fire, I remember this warning. I turned on the switch and the light filled the room, but only for a split second. The light bulb shattered and caught on one of the blankets in the room. There was gasoline in here, but why would they have gasoline in a school. They wanted the school to blow up, and I’m near the detonation. I look around, and quickly move the gasoline to the far side of the room. A flicker of flame caught the back of my heel. The fire was spreading, and the air vent was covered with fire. I tried kicking the door, but it was locked from the outside and was a storm door. There was a small air vent above the door. I took out my special knife and jabbed it sideways into the door. The fire was going closer to the gasoline. The fire was spreading near the storm door, and burning out my chances to getting to the outside. I took off my shoes, and started to put my foot carefully on the blade. I touched the air vent, and the knife was burning my foot. I yelped, but stayed on. I pouched it open, and fell on my back outside. I tried to run, but my feet were burnt from the knife, as were my hands. I limped my way past the office, and finally to the door. The locked door. I almost yelled, but they wouldn’t hear me. I limped to the office, only to find that door was locked too. I brought up my leg and kicked it open, creating a song of agony to my foot. It flew open, and I saw a window. I shattered the glass as I jumped through it, crashing on the bicycle rack. Some girls came over to me and helped me up. One called a car with a loud noise over. I looked around, and saw a kid running to me. It was the kid I was supposes to look after. He came over to me and hopped into the ambulance with me. The organization is going to kill me! I thought. I looked down, and grabbed the guys’ wrist. Handing him the sunglasses.
“What are these for?” He asked with a confused look.
“You’re going to need those, wear them at all times.” I said gasping for air. My lungs coughed out smoke, leaving a black fog in the air. He bent down, and grabbed the smoke with both hands as if it became solid. He yanked it out of my lungs, leaving me gasping for clean air. He looked down, straight in my ice blue eyes and said
“I think I can handle myself.”

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Vantaxlia said...
Oct. 10, 2011 at 10:50 pm
I think I understood what was going on....it was just a little foggy to me with some of the wording and missing punctuation. Nice, though :)
leafy said...
Feb. 10, 2011 at 7:45 pm
good story! there are only a few minor errors. but this is very unique. at first i thought it was gonna turn out similar to the "opulence" story, but it didn't!
wolfiemoon said...
May 22, 2010 at 3:31 pm
Wow! Amazing! Very descriptive, a clear image in my mind!
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