October 29, 2009
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“My name is Taren, at the moment I’m running for my life! Here’s my story summed up. I live in Egypt; my dad is the Pharaoh of Egypt. It’s pretty cool but not when he wants to kill you! You see, I don’t believe in any of the gods of Egypt. My dad and everyone I used to know and love want to kill me.”

“Right now I’m trying to leave the city of Thieves, but it’s getting harder and harder to evade all the royal guards throughout the city. Any normal 18 year old Egyptian guy would be blithe and unconcerned to the royal guards, but not me, since I’m number one on their kill list.”

“Hey you,” one of the guards shouted. My muscles tensed up, a million thoughts raged through my head as he approached. It felt like it took him hours just to walk up to me. Then he spoke, “Have you seen a guy about your age dressed in royal clothing?”
Instantly relieved, I said.
“No sorry.” “Carry on,” said the guard.
“It’s a good thing I changed back at the temple,” I said to myself. I continued to walk hoping to get to the Nile still avoiding guard after guard. I have to escape soon before one of the guards actually recognized me for once. Then I saw my answer right in front of me, an empty hay cart. I hopped in and started down a street, going straight to the Nile River. It was the fastest, most out of control thing I have ever done; why didn’t I think of it sooner? People stared at me as I went by, some looked scared others confused.
Then I saw him, the head guard. He instantly recognized me and wailed “GET HIM!” Suddenly guards appeared everywhere running out of every alley possible. It took a moment for them to realize what was happening, then grabbed their bows and started pelting the cart with arrows.
I couldn’t tell if I was terrified or excited. I ducked as the arrows continued to pelt the cart. I raised my head again. Then I saw dock of the Nile River, with a boat right there. But how was I going to get off this cart and to the ground without suffering a major injury? I just went with the action of the moment and jumped, as I hit the ground I rolled. The cart plunged into the water. “I pulled it off!” I said to myself. The guards were catching up.
I ran up the dock as fast as my legs would take me, and leapt into the boat. Quickly I untied the boat and let the current take me. “I’m not going fast enough!” I thought. “How am I going to dodge all the arrows when the guards get to me?” Suddenly it struck me. I rocked the boat back and forth, until it tipped over and I held on to the seat of the boat, breathing using the air pocket. Tips of arrows penetrated the boats as I floated down the river. The arrows continued firing at the boat like a Porcupines stabbing the flesh of its enemies. It suddenly stopped, so I removed one of the arrows and looked out the hole.
I was leaving the city walls. I pulled out the rest of the arrows making air holes. Knowing that flipping the boat back over would only sink it, then I positioned my body so I was laying across the bottom of all the seats, ready for the long ride.

“I am finally free!” I proclaimed to myself, “free from Egypt.” I drifted away heading for the shores outside the boarders of Egypt; amnesty was mine.

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