The General

October 24, 2009
By SirJay BRONZE, Evansville, Indiana
SirJay BRONZE, Evansville, Indiana
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The air was felt dead as Sig and I crept through the dense shadowed jungle. It was an unearthly quiet broken only by the soft sounds of animals in the underbrush, and insects singing, an otherworldly orchestra as my mind was interpreting it. The clangs of artillery or rings of gunfire would be so welcomed. Something certain, something concrete. No more of this dancing around and hiding.

How close are we Sig? I asked, stepping quietly towards the outskirts of the trees behind him. I knew we had to be close. We were near the clearing. It couldn't be much farther than the clearing. Or I hoped it couldn't be much farther than the clearing.

“We're about there. Just a few more minutes probably. Are you ready?” He inquired, in this wistful tone I can constantly recall in my memory. Like he knew what was coming before I did.

Of course I'm ready. I replied without hesitaton, but I wasn't sure if he could hear the doubt in my voice. Sure, we had been briefed and trained for this mission for months, but who can really know how to sneak into an enenmy camp? It's something straight out of a war movie and fate picked us out to do it.

We finally broke the tree line, stepping crouched into the clearings tall thick shrubs. The darkness was engulfing,but we could the enemy camp lights flickering in the distantce like unsuspecting fireflies waiting to be caught by children on some summer day.

“Alright Alex, Gun ready and straight forward. Hopefully this won't take too long.” Sig muttered hopefully, as we positioned ourselves and began the short creep toward the base. As long as we were quiet, and got in quickly we would be able to extradite the general and escape without raising the alarm. I don't think we really have a plan if that happens. I took a moment in my head, to question why we were doing this. Sig and Alex. It made me laugh, the absurdity of our pairing to do this mission. Did noone else see the irony? The historians would, if this ever made it into history. I suppose fate drew our lots together for some other reason, not purely our namesakes. Whatever the case we were now upon it, the buildings loomed in front of us. Not really buildings, but forebody tents without any illumiation inside. Just the interior of the camp was lit, a circle of lights outside the lodgings and headquarters tents. Luckily, we knew which one the General was in or it would have been serious trouble.

“You head around back. I'll hit the front, we'll go in from both sides. The General should be somewhere towards the back according to intel. You find him and get outside, I'll follow behind to provide cover if you need it. Let's do this.” Sig ordered me as we came up to the tent holding the general. Alright, I told him gravely. Circling around to behind the tent, looking for the quickest way inside. I found it, a small tear running up the back. Just high enough I could slip under easier than anywhere else, so I did so. Finally, I was inside. Adrenaline pumped through my veins as I felt the pressure crushing down on me. Find the General and get back outside. I had a mission. I walked quickly through the hallways looking between sheets where they held the prisoners. Looking for that familiar face, that face I'd known since childhood. Where was he? Where was Sig for that matter as well. Had he made it inside safely? I didn't know, but I hadn't heard gunfire so I hoped for the best. I checked the last sheet veil, but still no trace. Where could he be? I circled back looking more thoroughly. There at last, one I must have missed. I found him. There, sleeping, my fathers bestfriend. The General. I stepped quietly amidst the bodies to the wall where the General was, hoping none of these prisoners were feigning there sleep and could alert someone. General, I whispered, shaking his shoulder. General, get up. You're getting out of here. I kept whispering shaking him. Finally, he roused sleep deprivation and torment clearly displayed in his eyes, yet he was not broken. You still saw all his resolve and will shining through, and when he realized who I was, his face lit with joy. Who else would they send to rescue him but his best friends son? I don't know what raced through his mind, but I'm sure it was something like that.

“Alex, is that you?” He asked, starting to stand. Yeah it's me General. Let's get out of here. “Good thinking son, let's go” Quickly, we crept out, my gun ready for possible guards walking around. I headed towards the front looking for Sig with the General close behind me. I didn't see him anywhere, and I was near where he came in. I turned to face the General and tell him I guess we should just head outside and hopefully he was there, when suddenly a loud alarm siren started wailing. I felt a wave of dread creep up my spine, as I turned around towards the exit to see Sig wrapped tight in a chokehold with a gun to his head by some person clad in shadow. No, I whispered. More to myself than anything. Wait, what was that behind the man in the shadows? What? The General? How had he gotten there so quick? He was as atheltic as ever in his old age. Suddenly he grabbed the man and twisted the gun from his hand, shooting him in the back and pushing him over to save Sig.

“Good to see you General.” Sig stuttered out, in awe of the Generals ability.

“Good to see you too Sig. Glad I have a gun now, Let's get out of here.” And with that we headed towards the exit, unsure of what to expect when we reached the outside. Somehow though, the impossible odds felt beatable with General now counted amongst our ranks.

The author's comments:
I saw this as a movie in my head. I could elaborate and add more plot and make something more out of it, but I don't think I like it enough to do so. Maybe though, who knows.

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