In Blood and Sorrow - The Species of Men

October 22, 2009
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I'm not the most 'normal' of boys you'll ever meet. Infact, I am very much different from other boys. Thus my life began hard and I had to somehow pick myself up from the nightmares that life put in my path.

You are probably wondering my name, and I shall begin by asking you to call me Cain. I started life on the tip of Mount Malachi, where my parents took refuge pre my birth. I was welcomed into the world with the warmest of love and affection parents could ever give their child.

My father stared down at me with the most caring of expressions, whilst my mother rocked me in her arms. I was to remain their only child.

I grew fast, and before my parents knew it I had turned 3 years age. I roamed the tips of the surrounding mountains taking in each image my little eyes noticed.

I was an inquisitive child, and I was noticed for my ability to touch anything I could get my tiny fingers on. By now, you must be thinking that my childhood appeared to be happy, I why ever not?. My family held a sad secret from the rest of the world.

They hid their appearances, keeping secret what they really were, werewolves. Reader, you must understand that I and my family are not the type to savagely murder an innocent human.

We adapted tastes for other mammals and we were the most significant of that republic. I grew with no other children to play with, I was lonely. Everything I am not made me everything I am.

As I grew into adolescences my life gradually became more lonely and so I begged my parents to let me go to school in the village. As parents do, they refused.

And so I took matters into my own hands. By this time I was 18 years of age and I no longer needed the permission of my parents. I packed my bags and began travelling down the mountains.

I knew I was going to miss my parents and I cared about them very much, but this was my decision
and I was going to follow what I wanted.

I travelled for a whole day and I finally arrived at the bottom of Mount Malachi. The sun beamed down about my head and the trees seemed thicker down this part of the mountain. I heard the voices of the young children at their school, they had what I always wanted, an education.

I touched my face. I thought about how hideous I looked and how, if I show my self, the children would runaway in fear. I paused in thought for a few moments.

My parents were right. What was I thinking?, I would never be accepted. I picked up my bag and began to walk up the mountain once more till I heard someone behind me.


It was a females voice and I swallowed to clear my throat. There was moments silence before she began to walk towards me. I feared if I turned to reveal my self she will run and I will loose my chance.

"Hello? Mr?. I am sorry if I startled -"

I turned to face her. Her eyes suddenly turned to fear. I was hideous, I knew that I was. My face was filled with hair and my body was also.

"Please. Don't...don't go. Please?" I asked

The woman who had blonde hair and the most beautiful of brown eyes paused in disbelief. I stared into the eyes that feared me so and I felt my self struggling to breathe.

"What are you?" She asked in discussed at my appearance.

"I' name is Cain" I answered.

There were brief awkward moments where I wished I could run but I remained still. The air was beginning to become colder and I wanted to find shelter.

"Yes, but what are you?" her abrupt voice angered me but I remained calm.

"I am werewolf" I answered ashamed.

to my surprise she began to smile a little. I peered back at her before she began to speek again.

"You are real!. I knew it!. Your really real!. Good God! father I told you so!" Her voice lit up with the most enthusiasm. I was silent and I didnt know how to react to her tone. I smiled a little to end all awkwardness I was feeling.

"I cant believe this. I heard stories of beasts who live in the mountains. You dont seem the type that would eat a human?" She said as she walked cautiously closer.

"No. No... I... I well... I eat dear." I said as she stared at me with the same expression.

"The myths are true. But not correct?" she asked

"Well... not all of us are human eaters." I smirked.

"So there are others?" She asked still a little cautious.

"Yes, theres many of us. There's the ghlorkians who eat humans and theres Wethrensteins who like dear and plants and theres my tribe, the Czeckrains who always liked dear and other mammals." I answered.

The woman smiled and let out her hand.
"My name is Lucy" She said as I took it.

"Very nice to meet you ma'am" I answered. She stared at me, her eyes looked dreamy and it appeared as though she were about to faint. I caught her as she fell. I must admit I felt a little awkward, I hardly knew this woman and already I was saving her life.

I lay her on my bag and wrapped her in dear skin. It was winter and the snow was bitterly cold. I lit a fire and stared at the body of the young woman on the ground.

She tossed and turned through the night and I wondered if her parents was worrying about her. My thoughts turned on my parents, were they worried about me?. My father surely not?, he was brave and nobble, he would be there to comfort my mother.

A few hours passed and I fell asleep. The smell of meat cooking on the fire had woken me up. Blurry eyed I stared at the figure who was sitting and turning a spit beside the fire.

"Morning" The woman who I met yesterday appeared to be here.

"Havent you got a home to go to?" I asked as I stretched.

"Haven't you?" She smiled back. I was taken aback by her tone and mockery that I gasped.

"Well?" She asked

I paused and heavely sighed.

"I left home. Yesterday." I answered as I peered up at the tip of the mountain. The woman smiled and stopped turning the spit.

"Want some?" She asked as began to cook the unfortunate creature which was now charcoaled over the fire.

"No I cant eat cooked meat."

"Why ever not?!?" She asked as she wripped a piece of flesh of the cooked creature

"Its poisonous for me, just like raw meat is bad for you humans." I smiled. The woman nodded as she ate. There was a long and awkward pause before she spoke once more

"Yes, I thought you would say that. Luckily, I have spare raw meat then ay?" She said as she tossed what looked like a rabit.

I had never eaten rabit before so I didn't know what to expect. I picked the creature up and began to eat. She stared at me repulsively. How monsterous I must have looked. How monsterous.

"Lucy dont you have parents? who would be worrying about you?" I asked politely in hope that she would stop staring at me in that akward way.

She shook her head.
"No. Both my parents left me as a child. My mother was then murdered by a ... Werewolf." She said.

Suddenly I was filled with a certain guilt. I swallowed in hope that she wouldn't notice my emotion.

"Ahh. I see. I am sorry to hear that. What about your father?" I asked.

"My father went on to meet another woman after my mothers death. They were soon married and now he is living with a big family of my half siblings. I, on the other hand, is not welcome in his household. Don't ask me why it's not a subject I wish not to talk about much." She asked.

"My father always said not to believe in werewolves, because they 'werent' real." Lucy said in the most painful of voices.

Lucy made me feel like I was accepted. And reader, from that day I knew where I wanted to be I wanted to be around Lucy. She was the key to my happiness. I was going to have many adventures with lucy before she was going to be mine forever.

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