Unaccompanied Minor

October 21, 2009
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Unaccompanied minor. These were the words that filled Ryan Krews brain as he boarded the plane. These words filled his brain because that’s what he was an unaccompanied minor. The cause of him being unaccompanied was that his mother had the flu and his dad had to work. Coming from San Clemente, California his destination was Kingston, Jamaica. This was his first time flying by himself so naturally he was nervous. Ryan couldn’t come to a specific reason why he was so nervous, but he could think of a few reasons why he was so nervous.

At age 17 Mr. Krew was only 5’ 5” and weighed in at 135 lbs. He was neither fat nor skinny- just in the middle. His face was pale most of the time he was conscious, but everywhere else he was fair skinned. He had dirty blond hair and brown eyes.

A very tired Ryan collapsed onto his seat on the airplane number 665. To the left of him in the very small aircraft sat a very quaint man who seemed like one of those people who never put there book down and it looked as if he was in some sort of trance. Also this man had a very frail look in his face and Ryan Krew thought he should ask the man if he was alright but he thought ‘Nah forget it.’

The boy had to keep reminding himself why he was going to Kingston. He was going there for the one thing he absolutely loved: skateboarding. He was going there to skate a demo with his fellow teammates on the Fallen skate team. All of his teammates caught an earlier flight but he couldn’t because he had to clean his room and do some chores because after all he is only 17.

“Please buckle your seat belts and prepare for take off,” Ryan heard the flight attendant say.

Ryan was still stressing that very odd guy to the left of him. Something about him was making him very nervous. But when the airplane was at its peak in the flight the man stood up and started to speak. He said “ALRIGHT NOBODY MOVE THIS IS A HOLD UP! WE ARE GOING WHERE I WANT TO GO!” and pulled out a gun.

Mr. Krew heard a parade of gasps and screams and he was apart of that parade. Everyone was in disbelief that this was really happening because all of the passengers thought it was nearly impossible for anyone to get a gun on the plane, but they were sadly mistaken.

The boy had to do something — but what? When the hijacker headed to the cock pit of the plane Ryan bolted from his seat toward the man. But to Ryan’s disbelief the odd man turned around like he sensed he was coming. As Ryan was in mid-stride the man shoved him to the ground. He started to say ‘Now don’t anyone else try to be a hero like this kid or they will get a bullet to there cranium.’ Ryan Krew was surprised, not that he had just been shoved but that the hijacker knew what cranium meant, because he didn’t.

Plan B. Krew ran toward the back of the plane and sure enough there it was. It was like seeing heaven but better. It was army green and was hefty. He threw it around himself and prepared to jump. But before he jumped he read the instructions on how to release the parachute. OK. He was ready. He threw the back door open and jumped.

“Ryan! Ryan! Wake up it was just a dream, it was just dream,” he heard his mom yelling in his ear. All I can say is that Ryan was just a little bit more than glad that it was just a dream.

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