saga of the sages book 1:family bonds

November 10, 2009
By false_pen GOLD, Dallas, Georgia
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Saga Of The Sages
Book 1: Family Bonds
Prologue: Dawn of the Sagi
Long ago, just after the world of Zephyr was created, man found the Necrostone and Acrocrystal. These two stones gave the power of the sagi to man. The Necrostone fused men with dark magic, and the Acrocrystal gave man light magic. Dark and light magic soon conflicted, and the Shadow and Aura sages started the Sagi War. The Aura was able to prevail, and the Shadow Sages were almost wiped out.
In present day, light magic rules the land, and those with the dark arts stay hidden from the rest of the world, in fear of execution. We start our story about a family wise in the dark arts facing persecution.
Chapter 1: The Sole Survivor
“Son, stay here until it is okay, do you understand?
“Yes, Father. Will you come back soon?”
“…Yes, Kenai, I will.”
The Auras were rapidly surrounding Katanga household, trying to force the dark sages out. Behind them were other Auras, but they weren’t part of the Axon force. They were just gifted with those powers, but those powers would be only used for self-defense. The Axon was the guard against the Shadow, supposedly led by the Auraic, Maxwell. Maxwell is considered the best Aura in Zephyr, and all Aura follow his words, so when he decreed that all Shadows be killed, the Auras were ready and eager.
Alex and Sonia Katanga exited the house with their hands behind their back.
“Katanga household, you are accused of being part of Shadow. The punishment is execution!”
“So, you expect my wife and I to go out without a fight, Commander. If you think the all of the Shadow are afraid of you, then let me show you how we truly feel!”
The couple then raised their left hand, the source of all dark arts, and started firing dark energy into the crowd. The Axon did not expect this Dark Shot onslaught, and many Axon lay dead at the end of the barrage.
“What?! We need healers, stat! Anyone that can use Aid, heal our wounded! Axon soldiers, use Light Rain on the enemy! Shadow sages don’t have healing arts, so just keep on the offensive until they’re dead!” ordered the Commander.
The Axon soldiers pointed their right hand knuckles at their enemy and started firing. From each knuckle came a spark of light energy, but the sparks weren’t as big as the Dark Shot. However, the shots were too fast for Alex and Sonia, and soon they were overcome. The surviving Axon searched the household and a soldier found Kenai hiding behind the couch.
“Sir, I found their son. Should I kill him as well?” asked the soldier.
“Hold on, let me see.”
The Commander held the boy’s left hand, inspecting it very carefully.
“It’s just as I thought. The boy hasn’t been anywhere near the Necrostone, so his powers aren’t fully awakened. He is no threat to Aura, but send him to the village of Shinto. That will keep him away from civilization and from becoming a full Shadow sage.”

The author's comments:
i love fantasy writing and decided to try it myself. that is what inspiered me

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