The Others Part 6

November 9, 2009
My breath catches as I see a cheery foyer. This is 100% different than the Watcher’s headquarters. There, the help slide along in the shadows against the wall. Here, the residents are walking down the hall, talking with them, laughing, and having what looks to be like fun. Everything is well lit, and colorful, not a few wall scones and dark depressing colors that make you want to cry. I can feel everyone taking it in.
“Well, what do you think? Sorry it doesn’t look like hell’s fort, but it…” Evie snaps us out of our stupor.
“Wow. This is amazing.” Solila’s eyes are shining, as she interrupts Evie.
“Come on, I’ll show you guys around.” She smiles and turns away. Evie shows us the resident rooms, the dining hall, offices, kitchen, and chill room, where all the younger people, (people our age) can go to watch TV, hop online, play video games or just relax. I’m still taking it all in when Evie’s directing rides back to the hotel.
“Kenton! Tell everyone we’re still going to the hotel, we’re not going to stay here and look like we’re easily persuaded.” I shout in my mind, attracting his attention. He nods once, and then Brayden looks at me and so does Solila and they all quick nod. We go back to the front door and gather our bags. We’re sitting on the step, waiting in silence, waiting to burst until we’re far away from this place.
A white shuttle van pulls up, and I feel the driver pause in shock at the sight of the mansion. He partially recovers and grabs all our bags and we get in the truck, all four of us smooched in one seat. Until Kenton tries to get in. that is a problem because there is not enough room. So we reorganize. It’s Brayden, me, Solila, and Kenton, all squeezed together, and then Kenton struggles to close the door. As he closes it, and the driver goes in the front seat, I look at all of us and laugh. The three of them join in, and the shaking makes for all the less room. We get to the Cavalier Hotel and Suits, the best hotel in the area, five stars.
The driver hauls the bags in, and a door man comes to take them as we check in. the bags are brought to our rooms. Solila and I are sharing a room, and the boys are sharing a room. We have adjoining rooms. The rooms themselves are b-e-a-U-tiful. Gold, blues, greens, perfect, with a beach/ocean theme. I sigh. I miss California so much. This is like something you’d find there.
“I can so totally stay here for a week!” Solila flops backward on the bed.
I fling my self back with so much force that Solila bounces off the bed. I laugh and she jumps on again. We just lay there, looking at the ceiling. She’s been my best friend since we were stealing each other’s rattles. We’ve been through so much. I don’t know what I’d do without her and Brayden, and even Kenton.
The boys pound on the door. Both of them. I can tell just from the sheer loudness, and the fact four fists are pounding. Solila and I nimbly jump up, and run to the bathroom, grabbing our swimsuits in the process. We quick change, I into my lime green bikini that’s edged in silver, and Solila into her hot pink edged in gold. Both suits are metallic. We’re both tan, being 50% Italian, but Solila’s dark hair and bright blue eyes, make her look like an exotic goddess. I just have light brown hair and green eyes. Nothing special. I tie a towel over myself, hiding my swimsuit, and Solila follows my lead. The guys are still pounding on the door.
I rip it open mid-pound, and they look sheepish.
“What? Geez. We’re coming. Just taking a moment to catch our breath. Settle, boys, settle.” I know I look exasperated, and then I laugh. Solila joins in, but the boys are pretending to be hurt.
“Come on! You were oh so impatient, so let’s get going’!” Solila jokes.
“Well you two sorta rained on our parade. So we’re gonna sit here and…”
“Wallow in self pity? Fine. Solila, what movie do you wanna watch? They have pay-per-view. Come on.” I interrupt and we go backwards into our room. I hold my hand up, counting down from five. I hear a knock.
“Hmm… what about the Pink Panther, or no! I know! What about ‘Oversensitive Guys who Over React about Absolutely Everything?’” Solila sounds fed up. I start laughing and cover up my mouth until I regain my composure.
“This is stupid. Just because they’re HORMONAL right now, we can still swim!” I add winking at her.
“Yeah lets go!” she winks back and we make a lot of noise, then walk out the door and hid in the little indent thing down the hall.

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writerscramp said...
Dec. 21, 2009 at 8:48 pm
FUNNY PART COMMING! some of the small moments, moments minus the whole magic thing, really happened! (based on personalitys of real ppl w/ their permission! well not the evil ppl but u know what i mean)
writerscramp replied...
Dec. 21, 2009 at 8:49 pm
oh and press previous and comment
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