The Race

November 9, 2009
By Anonymous

Once there was a boy named Tommy. Tommy liked to run and play sports. He was on the cross country team and was also on the track team. He was the best on the teams. Tommy also made it onto the varsity teams. He lived in the little town of Willows, California. One day Tommy decided that he would enter in the national running competition around the world. This completion was huge and thousands of people would join in the race. Only one man in the history of the competition had ever finished the entire race, others would just drop out. Tommy knew he was ready to run the race mentally, but not quite physically. He trained day and night for this race and had a few days of rest. On the day of the race there were about nine thousand people there ready to run. They would start in San Francisco and end in San Francisco. The horn went off and all of the people went off. Tommy was the youngest of all of the people in the group and there were about one hundred people who went at a time. Tommy was in the third group to go. He started out in first and kept it that was for most of the race. About half way across the U.S. Tommy was passed by an older man in about his fifties. Tommy started to sprint for his life to pass up the man but he was just too fast. Tommy was almost about to fall down. He knew that they got a break at the end of the U.S. and then another one at the beginning of China, but he didn’t know if he would be able to make it. About twelve hours later Tommy had made it all the way to the end of the United States. They had two days to rest. The way the traveled across the ocean was by boat. They put treadmills on each boat so they could run. Finally after a long time they made it thru the break point and across the ocean to California. Tommy and the old man were still right next to each other the whole time. They were about one hundred yards from the finish. All of the other racers had dropped out except for Tommy and the old man. Tommy and the old man went at it sprinting. Tommy passed the old man and finished the race faster by two seconds. The old man shook his hand and left. Tommy later found out that the old man was the same man who had finished the race the last time.

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