November 9, 2009
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I was driving down the one-lane road, my car lights shining, demolishing any darkness in their way. I sat back, hands on the wheel, trying to remain calm. Big fail for that though. See, my best friend Jake just called my cell and invited me to his place, and I was pretty exited. Because, lately, he's been sweet on me, and I was getting the feeling that he wanted to ask to be my boyfriend or something like that. Well, here I was, at 10pm, driving to his house. Five minutes later, I was parked in the driveway and getting out the door. Jake was at the door waiting as I made my way over. He greeted me warmly, and led me in.
I sat on his bed, looking up at him as he filed through papers and plucked a few out. "Hey, Lara, I needed some help with this stuff, think you can do it?" he asked, looking at me as I took the papers from his hand. I grinned as I read what they said. "God, Jake, how can you NOT do this? I mean, it's so easy," I said with a giggle. He rolled his eyes. "Well, it's not as easy for me as for you, so will you help or not?" he asked again. I sighed and nodded. "Fine, but you should seriously take the time to actually learn this stuff." Then, I grabbed a pen off his night stand and started to jot answers down. In a matter of minutes, I was completely done with everything. Handing them all back to Jake, I said, "So, That all? If it is, I'm out. Really, I'm tired." He smiled and nodded, then let me out of the room following close behind. I opened the front door, grabbing my purse and sweater and stepping out onto the front step. He leaned against the frame and looked at me. "Yeah, thanks for doing it for me, I promise to perfect the arts of literature by the next time we see each other," he says sarcastically. I smiled and nodded. "So, call again if you need any more help I guess...bye," I said.
But just as I turned, he grabbed my arm and spun me back to face him. He smirked and brushed his fingers across my face, then leaned in and kissed me. And this all happened so fast, I could barely react, but I guess I could say I knew it was coming. I looked at him, making it look like I was surprised. He laughed. "See you at school tomorrow, Lara," he said softly, then let me go. I walked numbly back to my car and got in, started her up, then pulled out. I waved to Jake as I passed, turning out onto the dark road. I guess that went well, in some matters.

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writerscramp said...
Jan. 6, 2010 at 9:10 pm
First:your not an idiot
second: this is good
Third: you should post some of the 74 page story
Keep up the good work!
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