November 4, 2009
The snow is falling down all around me like in a snow globe.
There is a house to my left. The house is small, more like a cottage
with two windows on each side of the door in the front of the
cottage. The little house is painted yellow the color of the sun, with
powder blue edging around the windows and powder blue shudders; the door is the brightest red I have ever seen. There is
smoke coming from the chimney, looking at the little house with
the snow falling everywhere I cannot help but think "What a nice
Christmas card this would make." Such a good feeling to just stand
there staring and thinking for what seems like forever, so peaceful,
so warm. Warm? Why am I warm? I look down and I’m wearing
shorts, a short sleeve t-shirt and no shoes. I should be freezing, so
why am I warm?

Texas, I live in Texas and its summer. There is not much snow in Texas, and there is never any snow in Texas in the summer. I start to think, "Where am I." Just as I think it, I know it. I’m in my bed, in my small little room, in my house with my mom, my little sister and my animals Good feelings gone, in a house full of people I'm
all alone. Now that I’m awake all I want to do is get away, must go
back to sleep, but how?

I lay there and try to go back to sleep for what feels like forever
tossing and turning, but I can not go back to sleep I’m not ready to
be awake, not yet. I jump out of bed run to the bathroom and grab
the simply sleep from the medicine cabinet. I don’t even think
about how many are in the bottle or how many I’m taking. I just
down the bottle, anything for that good feeling back. By the time I
make it back to my room I cannot see well, everything is going
fuzzy. The world is spinning; I wish I knew how many pills I took.
White spots fill my eyes, and then black, before I can think anything else I hit the floor. I’m gone.

I start to walk to the little yellow cottage, when I get to the door I hear voices. "Can you hear me? Oh God NO!"I should know that voice, but who, who is it. I hear it again "Please, Please. Oh God, Nessa, Wake up!" That’s my name. Why does
the voice know my name? Mom, its mom. Why does she want me
to wake up? "Call 911, NOW!" I hear mom yell, but at who? Why
can't I wake up? I drift off again. I’m back at the door of the
yellow cottage, my hand on the doorknob.

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BBurge2011 said...
Dec. 28, 2009 at 6:46 pm
OH MY GOD!!! This is the best story ever!!! I like how it ends, you don't know if she livs or dies. I like how... oh I just like it all!!! keep up the good work!! PLEASE keep writing!!!
CBarber89 replied...
Dec. 28, 2009 at 6:52 pm
Thamk you so much! its not the best ever I know that but you are sweet! I am going to keep writing, I even have some thing that are almost done. I will put them on here asap just for you.
Oh and I love the ending too, I like that it makes the reader make his or her own ending.
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