the lady and seppi

November 4, 2009
By Brandon Bednarz BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
Brandon Bednarz BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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As megatron threw the old lady across the road she suddenly got a chair out of nowhere and was sitting on it in midair and then megatron took out his blasters and detroyed her chair and then the old lady took out her swords and. Out of nowhere she strikes him not knowing what will happen but then he strikes with his dual auto cannons. The old lady went flying back just like pocahontas. Anyway though the old lady known as Bertha had to retreat to her camp to plan out her assauld back in the tent everyone is quiet not knowing what to expect from the old lady. As she walked in she saty in her king chair and moaned and groaned the rest of the night about megatron owning her. She was very angry the rest of the night. And as she planned her next strategy to defeat him her mother walked by “in ghost form that is”. “Destroy the evil megatron save the world”. That echoed through her head all night and she thought to herself. I will destroy this evil thing and she went to her closet and picked the weapon of choice favored by senior citizens “THE CANE!!” She took it and tried to rush out the dor when suddenly, she was stopped by an unknown force she wondered and then out it came Queen joseppa the fiercest puppy eatingest thing around. Everyone and I mean everyone feared Joseppa. The old lady shrugged why do I need your help?? “Without me you are nothing frow strong with the force and you will bne powerful enough to take down megatron. Oh really and how do you expect me to do that. “Just bellieve in the force said the Queen. I’m believing but nothing is happening you’ll see, you’ll all see said the Queen in a scary voice. Lets go battle they went searching all day and found him hiding behind a rock. You go first ill be right behind you. Yeah I bet I cant stand queen joseppa so cocky and annouying some one has to teach her a lesson. Time to battle she charged in and struck a blow to his head he went out and then jnoseppa came in with her blazing swords and stabbed megatron in the hgeart one win for humans zero wins crazy pshycho killing robot. Buy our next book Joseppa and me a short mini biography in stores when we finish it maybe but they probobly wont publish it but who cares at least this is on a website.

The author's comments:
I feel quite amused by old ladies fighting mystical creatures it moved me to write this piece

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