Unwanted Realizations

November 3, 2009
By xokiroxo GOLD, Whitmore Lake, Michigan
xokiroxo GOLD, Whitmore Lake, Michigan
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"You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because your all the SAME."
"No regrets, just lessons learned."

I walked through the heavy wood doors and they loudly slammed behind me. I winced and started walking down the long, cold hallway, my footsteps echoing through the empty corridors. I reached the end of the hallway and stared at the large door in front of me. What was I doing here? I wondered. I reached for the handle but stopped when I heard voices on the other side. I pressed my ear to the door and tried to understand what they were saying. It seemed to be in a different language, but I understood it perfectly.

“ Are you sure the council would approve?” One voice questioned.

“ Of course they would. He would be most useful.” Another voice answered. I was so confused. Who were they talking about? Sadly, I would soon find out.

I was still thinking about everything when the door suddenly opened and I fell forward onto the hard, marble floors. I looked up and gasped. I saw a chair. But this was no normal chair. It was floating. And there was a figure on it. She was dressed in black and had a big, ugly, black cat on her lap. She pointed at me and spoke.

“ Ah, Alex. We were just talking about you.” She said with an ugly grin on her pale, cold, face.

After she finished talking, she said a few words in another language and I suddenly started floating. I started screaming and thrashing trying to get back to the ground. She continued laughing.

“ You want me to put you down? Haha, OK.” She cackled.

With that I started plunging to the ground. I was inches from the ground when I screamed and woke up. I was drenched in sweat and realized I was in an old building in front of a huge wooden door. I was horrified. I put my ear to the door and sure enough, I heard voices on the other end just as in my dream. I screamed again and ran twoards the doors I had entered in my dream. Only, this time, they weren’t there. I heard a door open with a loud creak. I screamed once more before everything went black.

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