Eternal Escape

November 3, 2009
By NovaS. BRONZE, Huntington Park, California
NovaS. BRONZE, Huntington Park, California
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Favorite Quote:
"My life long dream is ruined"

- Stranger Kid from backstage at the UCLA salsa performance 10/6/09

 Trapped between the wall and my attacker I thought about the events that led to my capture. The fact that I haven't slept in days did not help. Neither did the pain that was piercing my side or the warm sticky liduid that was escaping from it. My heavy eyelids hung over my bloodshot eyes. With all the strength I had left, althought it was withering by the second, I tried to keep my eyes open. Meanwhile my atacker smiled at me and started to walk closer to me. He gazed at me with a smile of pure trumph. All I could see and remmember were his green eyes, piercing me like daggers. 
 All I could think of was the question that was circling my mind like a vulture. Why? That was my only question. Why would he betray me and later try to murder me. Why!? I spoke with the last strenghth I had left. My voice was horse as I attempted to question him. The pain in my side hadn't subsided yet so it was still throbbing in pain. With each movement I made the pain was magnified. I tried my best not to move while I spoke.
"How could you?", was all I could muster out with the blood pounding on my temples getting louder by the second.
"I needed the money", he said. I could hear a crack in his voice.  Yet it was quickly covered with the tone of amusement. My last chance of forgiving him closed. All I wanted to do at that moment was laugh and shout at him. I wanted to shout that it was the lamest excuse he could think of! I wanted to shout but the last ounce of strenghth I had, left me. My body and soul gave in into the darkness. I whispered out the last words I could muster out. 
"I cared"
 My world dissolved slowly pulling me into the dark. My last memory were those sad green eyes. Then my world went pitch black and I was engulfed in the darkness. 

The author's comments:
I know it's kinda confusing but it's the 1st chapter so enjoy!! This comes out of complete boredom! :D

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