Don't Misjudge A Piece Of Paper

November 2, 2009
By jkballin23 BRONZE, Alamosa, Colorado
jkballin23 BRONZE, Alamosa, Colorado
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Crack ! "You know my favorite part about the fortune cookie at the end of a nice meal? It’s the fortune; you never know what you will get." Said Tom. As Ben thought about it he had to agree." So what does your fortune cookie say." asked Ben. "It says you will learn life’s greatest gift by a man in a mask. What the hell does that mean?" asked Tom. Ben simply replied. "I don’t know. But it doesn't matter they don’t mean anything anyway. There just worthless piece of paper. Yeah I guess Tom thought to himself. As the two were leaving the owner of the restraints asked them if they like the meal. They both replied yes. Tom asked if he could tell him what his fortune meant. The little Chinese owner said, "I’m not sure but if i was you I would not blow this off." Don’t listen to this nut job Tom he is just an old man." said Ben. Tom was puzzled by the owner repose and put the fortune in his pocket. As Tom laid in bed that night he couldn't stop thinking about what the little Chinese man had told him. Determed to fine the answer to this question he looked on the internet for what he was looking for. Nothing!!! Tom was frustrated. He thought to himself. "I have to find out the answer." He decides to go out for a drive and try to find some answers and grab some air. Tom kept repeating in his head what the little Chinese man. "Don’t blow this off." The more Tom thought about it the more frustrated he got. He kept telling himself it no big deal it was just a piece of paper in red writing and numbers. As Tom was driving around he felt his phone vibrate. He put his hand in his pocket to get his phone, and when he pull out his phone and flipped it open, the little fortune fell out on to his lap. He looked up at his cell phone to see why it vibrated. Alarm? Buzz, buzz, buzz. I dont remember setting an alarm Tom said to himself. Tom with fortune in one hand, cell phone in the other couldn't see how the fortune ended up in his phone. He glanced down at the fortune and read the lucky numbers. But they weren't numbers they where times. The first time was 2:36. He quickly looked at his cell phone and the alarm still going of read 2:36. Tom overwhelmed with fear pulled over the car. To make sure he wasn't dreaming. He could not believe what he just saw. After a while Tom called Ben to tell him what had happened. "Ben my fortune has times instead of numbers." Said, Tom. "So what its no big deal. Its probably just a miss print or something." Answered Ben. "But my alarm on my phone went off at the same time as the first set of times on the fortune." Dude its 4:00 in the morning go back to bed." "Hey I’m telling you something really strange is going on." Said Tom. "Ok that’s it your never eating Chinese food again." "Its not funny man this all is happing for a reason." "Whatever, I’m going back to sleep." Tom hung up his phone and looked at the time, 4:11. He looked back at the fortune and there it was 4:11. Tom heart raced harder and harder like a speeding freight train going 300 mph and losing control. He started his car and raced to the Chinese restaurant driving like a mad man. Pull over the car. As Tom looked up he saw the flashing blue and red lights coming up on his tale. Tom thought to himself, I cant get any breaks today. The popo had Tom pulled over. The cop came to his window and said, " Sir Do you know how fast you where going." Tom stared thinking he should tell the cop about the whole fortune ordeal, but decided not to. If I tell him what happened he is just going to think I escaped from the loony bin Tom thought to himself. "No officer I don’t." You where going 85 in a 60 zone. That’s way to fast buddy." "I know officer. Sorry I wasn't thinking." "I’m writing you a 350 dollar ticket for speeding. Be more aware next time you could kill somebody when you drive like that." "Ok officer thank you." Tom pulled up in front of the Chinese restaurant. Closed, Dame he thought to himself. See no breaks. But he knew he had to find the answer. Tom started banging on the front door of the restaurant. After 10 mins of pounding his fist on the door a cleaner opened the door and said, sorry where closed on Sundays. “I know but i must speak to the little Chinese owner of the store," said Tom. “Oh well he lives on 1234 Fake St." “Ok thanks." When Tom pulled turned on to Fake St. He could already see and hear the sirens. Sure enough the ambulance was loading up a body in a black bag. Tom got out of the car and asked what had happened. “The man that lived here was murdered. He was car jacket but he wouldn't give up the car so they shot him and took his car," said the EMT. Tom wallowing in disappointment and shock got back in his car. He looked at the time 6:15. He took a deep breath and worked up the courage to look at the fortune. The fortune read 6:15. Tom said out load, what’s the point life has no gifts. As Tom was driving home everything went black. His eyes opened slowly and it hurt him to move or breath. He looked around the room not knowing where he was. A tall thin doctor came in wearing a flu mask. “Hello Tom. I’m Dr. Jim Bob Joe." "Where am I Doc,"asked Tom. “You’re in a hospital Tom. You where in a head on crash. You were thrown from your car. You punctured a lung, broke your legs and five ribs. The other guy was not so lucky. He died instantly. "Who was it?" "His name was Bin." "My friend Bin," Tom asked. "I’m afraid so Tom. I’m sorry. But you are lucky to be alive." Tom looked at the table next him and there lied the fortune. Tom asked the doctor to please hand it to him. Tom read the fortune. You will learn life’s greatest gift by the man in a mask. Tom looked up at the Dr. and said, “what’s life’s greatest gift." "I would say that life’s greatest gift would be having the ability to live." It was so obvious it hit Tom like a ton of bricks. Well Tom got out of the hospital and made a full recovery. Tom now goes and eats at the Chinese restaurant every Friday and pays his respects to his friend Bin after his meal. If you ask Tom he would tell you that his life had changed, his favorite saying is "live life tell you cant live no more." and that i can relate too.

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