Forever Security

October 25, 2009
By MyElf SILVER, San Leandro, California
MyElf SILVER, San Leandro, California
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“This has to be a joke” Daniel Martin said as he stared into the faces of four teen girls. “You can’t possibly tell me that these high school students are here to protect Joey and Kurt”

James Morrison smiled
“That’s exactly what I’m telling you sir”
“You must be out of your mind I’m sorry I even came here Sam must have been wrong come on boys” Daniel headed for the door.

“You came to use because someone’s been threatening the lives of your sons Kurt and Joey Martin the heirs to your million dollar legacy. Am I right?” one of the teens asked in a cool calm voice as she tapped away at a laptop. Daniel stared at her. “You didn’t mention that I just know a lot” the girl said as if reading his mind.

“Who are you?” Daniel asked but the girl ignored him.
James held out his hand. “My team is the best not only can they protect your boys but they can also track down whoever threatened them and stop them. You won’t get that from anyone but us so what do you say? At least here us out first.” Daniel sighed and took James’ outstretched hand. “Fine but it better be good.”

James smiled. “Let’s get started then” the girl with the laptop tapped a key and a wall moved to uncover a giant screen she tapped another one and pictures of all four teens and a dog showed up, then she stood next to the screen and all but her picture faded. The girl had short straight black hair deep brown eyes and pale skin her face was blank.

“Let’s start with the girls. This is Kana Hiro Kincaid at age 17 Kana is a medical prodigy and can start up, shut down, hack and get into anything with a computer among other things she’s highly intelligent she’s not really a hand to hand combat kind of girl but if she must she will be physical she knows when anyone unknown comes near your boys and through the a small mike will let the others know immediately.” Another girl stood next to the screen she was kind of short her hair was the color of cinnamon she had a bright smile that reached her icy blue eyes and fair skin she wore a shirt that said Free Hugs. “Next we have Emmy Kincaid she might only be 5’2 but don’t let that fool you Emmy is a black belt in karate an expert in martial art and every other fighting style but she can also keep your boys in a good mood at all times she has a very positive personality.”
Emmy giggled then the next girl went up, James smiled at her and continued, “Effie Anania Kincaid she quick what I mean by that is Effie is incredibly fast she’s ran track for four years she can catch a suspect on foot in less than a minute, a minute or more if they have a head start on her” he indicated the next girl she had fiery red hair that reached the her shoulders and freckles her green eyes had a mischievous glint to them her lips were slightly upturned. James turned to look at the final girl she had curly black hair that was to her waist her hazel eyes were alert but friendly her skin was a light chocolate color, she near the window her gaze seemed to take in everything “Last we have Kari Taylor Kincaid she specializes in weapons she carries at least three guns with her at all times but you’d never know which is best she designs all of our weapons along with Kana to make sure there effective she’s quick with a gun, can shoot from long distances and can hit a target without endangering anyone else she hardly ever misses.”

“Why do they all have the same last name?” Kurt asked he turned to look at Effie she winked at him his face turned a rosy pink.

“Because my father adopted them Kincaid is my last name” Emmy answered smiling. Kurt cleared his throat, “ok but why did he adopt them?” this time Kana answered her voice was cold. “My mother and father were killed in a car accident, Effie’s parents neglected her left her alone for months on end, Kari’s mother was violent we’ve been friends since we were little when we needed new lives Emmy’s father was there to rescue us.”

The author's comments:
I thought of the name on the spot so sorry if it sucks

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