Orphan Kid

October 21, 2009
By Anonymous

It was a terrible, quiet, and cold morning the sunshine woke me up once again. I was huddled in the corner of the shopping center shivering because the only clothes I had was a holy shirt and some really dirty jeans. I am an orphan living on my own. I just escaped from the orphanage last night. I don’t have much money so I sell rag dolls to have money to live off of. I’m not wealthy so I don’t have the money to get a jacket. I’m huddled in the corner, very cold shivering, slowly turning purple. A lady walks by, and she doesn’t say a word she just throws down some change. I go buy a corndog covered in dirt, I’m sitting there eating my dirt covered corndog and the same lady walks back by, and says stay here and I will be back tonight. The rest of the day I think to myself what in the world could this lady want, and why do I have to stay here till night. It’s now night and the lady comes back with a black shiny horse and a brown wooden wagon with red wheels, the lady then tells me to get in. So I get in with my brown sac that has nothing in it but another holy shirt, and she says you are now going to live with me, and we are going to live in London.

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