October 20, 2009
By x3Joanne3x BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
x3Joanne3x BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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One sleepy night I had a dream that I was abducted by aliens. What had occurred in my dream was that I was sitting outside on a chair reading then I fell asleep, suddenly I felt something pulling me up into the sky so when I woke up and saw a flash of light picking me up so I panicked, I tried to get down, but it kept on picking me up then I hit my head on something so I passed out. When I woke up I saw that I was in a spaceship so I wondered around to see where I was then I passed a window and saw that I was on a different planet. I panicked and was running everywhere to find where I was then I saw a door so I looked inside there, I saw four aliens that were talking in some kind of language. So I went back where I was laying down, then the four aliens came over where I was and then said something that was in their language so then I asked the aliens where I was, they answered but not in my language bit they did sign language so in sign language they told me that they needed help because their ships are broken and didn’t work so I went and helped then fix their spaceship, they thanked me and allowed me to go home, sighing in contentment, I woke up.

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