The Lost Little Shoe

October 20, 2009
By Tyler Mohr BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Tyler Mohr BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Stuck in the lost and found for days on end; I, the sneaker, made friends with the backpack. He too had been left at school. He told me how he had waited for days and days but no one had come to get him.
In two days the school was going to clean out the lost and found. Backpack and I both knew that our owners weren’t going to come and get us; we knew that we were going to have to go find them.
That night Backpack and I snuck out of the lost and found. Backpack had enough food to last us a week. He had a: peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a bag of Oreos, and a bag of chips. We only had a limited amount of time.
That night we slept in the bush out in front of the school. We woke up extra early that morning in search for our owners. My job was a lot easier than Backpack’s job because I just had to look for a person walking around with only one shoe on. Backpack had to look at the name tag that was tied to him and go in search asking people if they knew who his owner was or if they were his owner.
Sure enough I found a kid who was wearing only one shoe. So I asked him if he had been missing a shoe.
He said, “Yeah I have been missing my shoe but you’re not the shoe I was looking for.”

I said, “Alright,” and hopped back to the bush for cover.

Backpack still had no success in asking kids where his owner was. Most of them would just ignore him and the ones who stopped just said I don’t know. We definitely had our problems in finding our owners. Mine, being easy at the beginning didn’t turn out to be so easy in the end. Backpack’s objective to find his owner still remained hard.

Time had passed and before we knew it all the students had already made their way inside the school. Backpack and I were relieved that that was over for now.

A teacher was walking by and some how spotted us in the bush and came to grab us. Backpack and I tried to run for it but man oh man was that old teacher fast. She had swept us up and we were on our way inside the building. We both knew what this meant, back to the lost and found.

As soon as we were dropped back into the lost and found we wanted right back out. As we waited for a chance to break out of the lost and found some guy came up and swooped me away; putting me on his foot and tying my laces. This some guy turned out to be my owner. My owner also grabbed backpack and threw him on his back. Off we went to our owner’s class.

Who knew that Backpack and I could’ve had the same owner?

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