The Day the Earth had a Clone: Part1

October 20, 2009
By FsPro BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
FsPro BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Warning: the following story may contain these not so good story things: Run down, not good punctuation, not so getting into it, and too early beginning stuff. This is also a fiction and a little bit of comedy. So please, enjoy the story. :)

The year was 1984, in the middle of October; I was locked up, sitting in my room, playing my good, old, Atari game system. Life was good so far, until my mother storms up a hurricane and crashes into my room with a red, hot, chilly pepper as her head. “WHY DID YOU EXPLODED THE COOKING ROOM AT SCHOOL TODAY!?”
She roared at me like a lion. I sat there with my mouth shut. “Do you know how much money we half to pay for that?” She said as if she was stressed out. Finally, I unzipped my mouth and said the answer that came to my mind. “Well if somebody asks you to put 5 Peeps in the microwave, don’t ask.”
I was now in the living room, doing the rest of my Homework since I was being punished. Since I don’t do my homework right after school like everyone else, I am not so keeping-on-track of time and such. Since that’s not all about me, so here’s stuff about my life. My name is Larry, I am 13 years old. I live on Shortcut, Avenue. I live on a 2-story house, but I am poor. I only have an Atari for videogames. I have one sister that is one year younger than me. Also, I am not that smart.
SO, back to the story, I may not be good at school, but I sure do love to make movies. I wouldn’t stop thinking about finishing the rest of my movie after finishing my homework. Just after I finished, the news comes on the TV, flashing these words saying, BREAKING NEWS. My parents come rushing in to see what’s up. The news guy came up and said that a mysterious planet had appeared on the other side of the moon. It had appeared not too long ago. It was first discovered by scientist in Japan and brought the news into America and the other countries.
My father helps make designs for cars and rockets. He is aware of making the space station’s newest rocket that can fly up to mars.
Anyway, my dad was talking to his boss on the phone. They were talking about the mysterious sphere on the dark side of the big Swiss cheese ball. They were planning on finishing up the rocket and shoot it up to mars and check behind the moon or something.
Well, I thought this was a big hoax. Oooooo, what next, in about 25 years, a six year old would be stuck in a air craft. Yea right!

It is now Saturday, I was up at 6:30 in the morning. I got bored so I turned on my Atari, and stuck in Asteroids. 30 minutes later, my lucky joystick was covered in sweat for playing too long.
I was about to plug in Pit Fall until the siren of my doorbell rang. I ran down the stairs, tripped and fell down, and made it to the door. I open the squeaky door and the first person I saw was the freakiest thing I ever saw. “Hi there” said this kid that was glowing blue and looked exactly like me. I yelled and slammed the door and hid under the couch.
I was so freaked out, I almost pissed my pants.
So the doorbell ranged again and I answered it once again. It was still the blue kid. “Hi there, I may not be a normal person like everyone else on this planet. Let me introduce myself. My name is Yrral, I live on the planet, Htrae, and may I ask who you might be and what planet this is?” I thought this guy was on drugs. Or I was. So I finally said something to get this guy off my nerves. “My name is Larry; I live on the planet Earth…the plant you’re standing on…you on drugs or something?” He looked at me in confusion.
So I let him inside my house and showed him around. He was thirsty, so I gave him some apple juice. He actually drank it like drinking blood out of a vampire. If they ever have any blood. So then I took him to my pig sty and showed him my collection of action figures, all the posters I had and how I got them, and showed him my one and only game system (witch I left on), my Atari. “We have something just like a video game, but it is human functional called the IWW.” Said Yrral, (Such a weird name) so now I took him out back and showed him my project I have been making for the last year and a half. It was supposed to be Speed Racer’s Mach 5 with rockets on the side of it. Pretty crazy, huh.
So I told him he can stay longer if he wanted to, but he said he can stay for one hour. All we ever did was played the Atari for a half hour. Then he said that I can come to his planet whenever I want. I thought he was on crack for the last 2 hours. Then a space ship came and took him away.
Then I started to wonder. Then I freaked out. I was now friends with an alien on that mysterious planet everyone has been talking about. Or, I been on crack since I woke up.

The author's comments:
This story takes place in the middle of October, 1984 on Shortcut Avenu. A 13 year old boy named Larry tells his tale about the Mystery planet on the other side of the moon.

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