October 19, 2009
By drago 45 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
drago 45 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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It was nearing midnight in the Satellite and a young duelist named Yusia was on his dulerunner going towards the pipeline, he was going to use it to get to New Domino City. When suddenly “YUSIA” said officer Trudge but it was to late, Yusia made it though the gats of the junk pipeline center and got into the pipeline that he was looking for, meanwhile, up on a rooftop, Yusia’s friends where moderating his progress “he’s only got 2 minutes and 30 seconds left to get though that door.” said Rally. “Sorry Yusia, but with that CPU chip that you stool, I can force you to tuboduel me” said Trudge, so they began.
“I’ll start” said Trudge “I draw, and I summon Search Striker [1600 atk, 1300 def] in attack mode, it’s you’re turn Yusia. “ok then Trudge, I draw, and I summon Speed Warrior in atk mode, and when Speed Warrior is summoned, his attack points double, so they go from 800 to 1800, so Speed Warrior, send his Search Striker to the scrap heap” said Yusia “KAPOOOOOO” and Search Striker was gone. I place 2 cards face down and end my turn” said Yusia. “There’s only 2 minutes left” said Rally.
“Ok “said Trudge” I summon Pursuit Chaser in attack mode [1200atk, 300def] now Pursuit Chaser, attack his Speed Warrior. “Not so fast Trudge, I activate a trap card, Scrap Iron Scarecrow, and when it is, your attack is negated, and I can place it back face down, but I can only activate it once per turn” said Yusia. “Fine, I end my turn” said Trudge” “ok, I draw, and I summon Junk Sycrion in attack mode, now Junk Sycrion, let’s rev it up, I tune my Junk Sycrion with my Speed Warrior to Syncro summon, JUNK WARRIOR, NOW JUNK WARRIOR, SEND HIS PURSUIT CHASER TO THE SCRAP HEAP” said Yusia,and Pursuit Chaser vanished and Trudge’s lifepionts went down to 2700, 1:00 to go, a couple of turns later,” ROAD WARRIOR, FINISH THIS, AND TRUDGES LIFE POINTS WENT TO 0. YUSIA HAD WON THE DUEL AGAINST TRUDGE AND MADE IT TO NEW DOMINO CITY, when suddenly”YUSIA” he stopped and took off his helmet “hello Jack” said Yusia “its been awhile, have you been” said Jack “I want my STARDUST DRAGON BACK, JACK” said Yusia “here you go” said Jack, but Yusia threw the card back to Jack “keep it, want to win it in a duel” said Yusia”fine, follow me” said Jack, later, millions of miles away, at the kiba dome” whose that” said Yusia “I don’t know” said Jack, it turned out be Yugi- the old king of games from the satellite which use to Domino city back in the day.

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