October 19, 2009
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There I was in the open with nothing but a cup and my self. It’s like I was in the middle of no were. I was standing the stone wondering were I was and wheat happened last thing I remember is saying good night to mama and papa. I hear nothing and all I see is the seep blue sky and a field of weeds brown crunches weeds’ feel the hot sunny bouncing on my back.

I looked every were I looked to the right I looked up and I looked down I start panicking I have no food no water no shelter nothing as I am panicking I keep asking my self were am .me as a 14 year girl finally get the strength to look up and look at the last place I haven’t, the left .and there is was popping right in front of me like a cake pops out of the oven.
There I was laying there peacefully. I had never seen anything like it before in my life. Every sense the minute I laid eyes on what ever it was it has not moved a muscle. My eyes were glued to the thing I couldn’t not move them. I finally after like 2 minutes finally took my eyes of what ever it was and look around me not knowing what to expect the I take on step forward my eyes are back on the thing I finally am two steps away I didn’t know what it was or what to expect but It looked the shape like a angel from above

The sun was shining bright. I had no idea were I was it was really hot. And I was starving. Oh my gosh it’s beautiful as I keep inching my way over there. I thought to my self were did it come from? it was the most amazing thing in the world start opening the blanket it starts crying when I get near it I was shaking like a rock slide.

o come here its ok I say to the little creature I hesitate to pick up but do it any way I pock the baby up it beautiful with brown eyes and the cutest little feet hey baby its ok shhhh mama is here .as I sat on the road with brown dirt holding this cute baby I wonder were I am and were do I go.

all a sudden a little man not taller the a counter comes out of the fieldsds.he looked like he is in a hurry but I really do need help” excuse me mar can you please help me “I say no I am a very busy person and I cant stop o please I have a kid I need your help please it will only take a minute. Can you please tell me were I am and how to get some were. O that easy your in the middle of know were and sense you don’t know were to go I cant help you any more sorry. As he running away,

I get back on the ground with hands on the baby on my knees crying o I want to go home o I want to go home I keep telling my self then all a sudden I see I little cup yes the same one I had at the beginning of this journey. Then I get up and walk to the cup it says find the map over and over again. what dose it mean I say there I was in the middle of know were with a a baby and a cup that says find the map can this be any more harder I don’t know what to do .

I finally look up and right in front of me is a plant I go toward it were did this come from I thought to my self then all a sudden a piece of paper pops out I hesitate to grab it but I do it told me three ways I can I can go to the right which is candy lane I can go to the left which is the devils cave and I cold go back wards to cookie land. O knows what do I I tell my self. o well I must go some were so I chose cookies land cause that must be were I came from so I keep ripping off pieces of clothes and I would make a trail so just in case I know how to get back here. So I have the little baby and I walking to be ever we were heading.

It felt like two days when we finally got to a sign we sit there and there we see a river and we stay there for a very ling time drinking all the wonderful water’s started talking to Sophia I named her Sophia and sitting there playing with the little baby. She had sparkling blue eyes and the cutest little hands.

why we got up and started walking again I told her about her mommy and daddy and uncle b and nala peaches and buddy I told her about all the cousins and the beautiful mountains and the sun set and how pretty it is. And how when we do go back home I will take her with me no matter what and I will have a baby sister. I told her about Christmas and how many presents we get I told her about school and how every one doesn’t like me it felt good expressing everything when you don’t have anyone at home even though she couldn’t talk yet.

As we walked we saw deer and bunny rabbits and worms and we could hear the chirping of he birds we finally go to a forest and walked in we were scared but really wanted to go home so we didn’t care. we stuffed each other with grapes and apples that we found on trees and we drank the good water it was like paradise but I still missed mommy and kept wondering if she new I was gone. When we took a break there became a fork in the road we didn’t know which way to go so I let Sophia pick she picks left so we headed left. When we were walking I told her stories and lullabies we slept on the soft grass we talked and walked all day and we sat there laughing and god we had so much fun

When we stated waling again and we started to talk we began to come to a dark forest I guess we can’t turn back so we start heading toward the black dark forest. then all a sudden I here mumbling and I here screams I start shaking I don’t know what to do I try to stay brace then I start seeing shadows then all a sudden Sophia is not in my arms I start getting freaked out o Sophia were are you then all a sudden I can feel someone or something pulling my arm no let go don’t touch me I keep yelling then I hear hey its ok what’s wrong I get up and there I am standing in front of my bed with tears down my eyes and mama and daddy sitting there trying to see if I was ok.

Oh mommy I had the best dream ever why did it turn bad as I say as I start telling in best and weirdest adventure ever.

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