Demon's Rising

October 16, 2009
By Anonymous

A shadow moved the evil, twisted castle that was made from the dark mountain. He ran into the throne room with a blood, red scroll in his hand. The cloaked figure bowed low to the ground as he approached the dark king.
“My master, everything has been prepared.”
“Good…now you know what to do?” rowin replied from his dark throne.
“Yes my, my lord. That fool prince aviean will have no idea of what’s coming.”
The figure went to leave, but stopped dead in his tracks as he heard his master’s footsteps walking behind him. Rowin felt the figure’s fear. He enjoyed the fear. Breathed it, loved it, and marinated himself in the fear, illuminating from the quivering figure. He slowly walked towards him.
“Why do you fear me? Hmm.”
He walked closer to the figure. The figure’s heart leaped up into his throat.
“You know I’m a merciful king, and that I always treat my most loyal subjects with great generosity.”
Rowin placed his filthy, dark hand firmly on the figure’s shoulder. The figure had completely stopped his breathing.
“Now isn’t that right? Karroff.”
“Yes, yes, m-m-master.” Karroff tried to reply.
Rowin slowly let go of his shoulder. Taking in the very last scent of pure fear as he walked over to the nearest balcony. He looked down at his growing armies.
“Karroff, you must get that scroll to prince aviean or else… we’ll discuss the punishment later if you don’t.”
Karroff didn’t stand around to argue. He quickly walked out of the throne room, and when he was at a far distance he ran down the halls.
Karroff had reached the dark, twisted stables where his horse was kept. The filthy place had not been cleaned for years as filthy creatures fought each other for scraps of food. He was passing the door before a kragish grabbed him tightly by the arm. It pulled him down next to its giant serpent head. Its sticky tongue licked the outside of his ear as it spoke.
“Master servant, hmm. Your plan will work?”
“Yes… I believe so.” Karroff replied as he pulled away from the creature.
The kragish cackled to itself before continuing.
“So a-after we get rid of scum, we w-w-will get rid of other one?”
“yes.” Karroff replied slowly. He enjoyed the sense of frail power that he held. For very soon his plan would be put into action. And in his mind, he would have all the power. The power that he had struggled, begged, and clawed for over one hundred years to claim. He smiled.
“Yes, yes we will.” He thought to himself.

The author's comments:
this is my continuation of my last fiction "Dark Angel" you can read the rest of this one at

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