The Last Dance

October 15, 2009
He burst into the room, out of breath. Quickly closing the gym door behind him and laying on the door as if to hold someone back… or something. I watched him as he desperately looked around the room. He barely glanced at the decorations; he just looked toward the dancers. It was a slow song. Everyone stopped dancing and had quieted down; even the DJ had stopped the music and stared. I started walking toward the guy by the door when the power went out. Everyone was freaking out. I finally got to the guy after finding him with my cell phone. He was shaking. His eyes were wide and scared like a bonny being cornered by a wolf.
“What is it? Are you okay?” He looked at me, no... through me.
“He’s coming,” is all he said before dashing off and leaving me behind to fend for myself against this person that he is speaking of. Now I am a good little Christian girl and I don’t believe in superstitious things; although I do believe in supernatural things. So when a guy came out from behind the door wearing a red suit and a red top hat telling me that he was the devil, I laughed and laughed, thinking that this was all a big joke. Then he grabbed me and pulled me down, down through the ground to a place that I didn’t recognize. It was like a huge desert. Everywhere I looked it was red sand; there was no life anywhere. The sky was light, but there was no sun. I think it was daytime in this place when it was night time at the dance.
He was holding me up. I don’t know if this is true, but I think if he let me down my shoes would have melted and my feet would have burned. I think I would have burned alive. It was like an oven, but I didn’t get cooked because he was holding me. I did feel some heat though. I was not afraid, in his arms. If he was telling me the truth about being the devil, then why was I not afraid? Why did he not just kill me now? As if he heard what I was thinking he said, “I can’t kill you yet; I need you for my work.” His work? He must be joking. I was God’s child; I am not going to help this guy in any way. He started walking, holding me as a groom would hold a bride.
We walked through a lot of nothing until we came upon this beast. It must have been the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I think it was some type of animal. It was eating something, repulsively. The whole scene was disgusting. I don’t want to describe the scene. The animal was really weird and ugly. It wasn’t that big, I thought, until it came closer. The thing was, it didn’t seem that far away when I first saw it. But when it came closer, it grew to the size of a bus, a fat bus. It ran toward us. I still wasn’t afraid; I’m really surprised that I wasn’t afraid during this whole experience.
It stopped directly in front of us, turning to the side. The man picked me up and set me down on the beast. I don’t know how he did it, but it happened. Then he jumped on the creature himself, riding right behind me, holding me by the waist. He whispered to me, “Here we go,” and we went!
I felt a thrill that I have never felt before in my world, a thrill that no one on Earth could feel, while riding this creature. His speed was amazing, because of the emptiness of the place, it seemed like we were not moving at all, like the beast was running in place. It was going so fast though!
This could not be the devil. The man who called himself “the devil” held me on the creature, as if protecting me from something, and the way he looks at me… it’s so weird. The devil doesn’t show love and protection toward anyone. Again I ask him, “Who are you?”
“I am the devil.” I couldn’t see his face. Why did he continue to lie to me? The devil was not him; if he was I am sure I wouldn’t feel this way for him. I don’t know this feeling. It’s a feeling of warmth toward him that I have never felt before in my life. Also there is a feeling of sympathy. I don’t know where these feelings are coming from.
We rode for the rest of day. When a hint of night was shown in the sky, we came upon a castle. It was beautiful. The castle was surrounded by trees and grasses. The castle was the only place that looked alive. There was a pretty fountain in front of the castle. Just imagine a beautiful castle and you got it!
The beast stopped in front of where the grass started, careful not to touch the green wonder. “The devil” jumped off the creature, and then helped me down onto the grass. I watched “the devil” as he whispered to the beast and the beast fled in the direction we came. “The devil” looked at me and held out his hand. I put my hand in his, feeling so elegant and royal. He led me to the castle.
We walked along a path that was straight until it circled the fountain. The fountain was a dragon blowing out the water into the air. Around the path were rose bushes in full bloom. It was so beautiful that I was almost sad when we came to the door of the castle.
My sadness quickly faded as I saw the main room. It was enormous. On the ceiling were paintings of baby’s with wings. There were two stair ways going up. They disappeared on both sides. All around the edges of the room were beautiful statues of animals and weird beast that I didn’t know existed. I supposed they only existed in this world.
A short little man came up to us. “Welcome home, sire,” he said with a bow, “Your dinner awaits.” He took “the devil’s” coat and led us into another room to the right of us. It was the dining room. There was a huge table and flags all over the room. At the farthest end of the room there was a higher level with two thrones there. The waiters were standing at the edges of the room. “The devil” waved his hand and two of the waiters brought in a table and a chair and set it in front of the biggest throne. “Shall we?” “The devil” asked, holding out his arm for me to take.
It was a lovely dinner. He didn’t talk at all until the very end.
“Will you marry me and be my queen?” I was surprised. I did love him by now, but I didn’t even know who he really was.
“It all depends: will you tell me who you are?”
He smiled, his smile was so gorgeous! “When you marry me, I promise I will.”
I acted like I was thinking hard about it, “Hmmm, I am just so curious to know who you are. What the heck, I will marry you.” I smiled at him and he smiled back. He shuffled through his clothes and pulled out a ring. This ring had a huge ruby in it that was so beautiful. The ruby was surrounded by diamonds. I put it on my finger; it fit perfectly!
We finished our dinner and the little man came in again.
“Thank you, Folksvere. Take this maiden to her chamber.” The little man bowed then ushered me out of the room and up the stairs I saw earlier. He

quickly strode up the stairs. I could barely keep up with him. If he talked, maybe he wouldn’t be so fast. I figured that he would tell me something.
“What is this place?” I asked, almost out of breath. How long does this staircase go?
“This is the desert palace of King Gerald,” Folksvere said. I knew it wasn’t the devils’ layer!
“Why is the devil here?” I knew he wasn’t the devil; I just wanted to make sure.
“The devil doesn’t live here? Who told you that? Don’t let your betrothed hear you say things like that,” Folksvere looked over at me, worriedly.This made me happy, now I know who he is. Even though I do, I still want to marry him. I’ve fallen for him.

Folksvere still strode extremely fast. I tripped over my dress and tumbled down the stairs. At the very bottom, I passed out.

Music woke me up. I was too scared to open my eyes and figure out that I couldn’t move. Did I break anything in my body? Oh, wait, I am moving. I opened my eyes and looked into the face of my fiancé, King Gerald. He set me down on the ground. All my friends crowded around me, blocking my view of Gerald. I must be at the dance. “What happened?” I asked my best friend, who was the one closer to me than all the others. “You fainted while you were dancing with the new guy, Josh.” I started to get up. Everyone around me helped me up. When I was standing, I tried to find Gerald. I couldn’t see him. I guess I’ll see him one day, like when he wants to marry me. I stayed at the dance and danced with every guy there.

At the end, I walked out, looking for my ride home. There was Gerald waiting for me. He was now wearing a black tux with no hat, his curly black hair hitting his shoulders and flying in the wind. He came up to me and held out his hand to me, “are you ready?” I took his hand and nodded. This time, instead of going down, we went up. Into the air we flew. He started spinning me, faster and faster. We landed on a mountain. It was morning on the mountain. There we were married and we lived happily ever after. The end.

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