The Planet of the Shapes

October 15, 2009
Billions of years ago life was not the same; in fact there were simply shapes such as triangles circles and some squares who lived on the planet Mars. These shapes lived quite happily without any problems, aside from the occasional argument. Although, one day aliens from Jupiter came to the planet and attempted to take it over. The brute force shown by the aliens from Jupiter proved that they were ready to fight. Circle who was very outgoing and who always wanted to have a good time was the first in front of all of the other shapes. Triangle was very serious and never really wanted to have fun. All he wanted to do was keep the other shapes of Mars safe. Square would usually just go along with what either circle or triangle would say. The shapes then approached the powerful enemy and together said, “What business might you have here?”
“Why, Circle, we are here,” the alien said loudly, “to take your land and make you our slaves.” Circle, Triangle and Square got into their fighting formation and pulled guns out of their holsters. The aliens were not expecting this and they did not have any guns of their own so they quickly got into their ship and flew away. “We’ll be back!” the leader angrily said.
The whole planet was disturbed from the aliens coming to Mars. All of the shapes were frantic saying that they had to leave the planet and go somewhere else. They all remembered their long lost friend Octagon who.
had moved to Saturn. “We should go to Saturn to live with Octagon,” exclaimed Nonagon, the brother of Octagon
All of the shapes agreed to this and they started getting ready to leave when the aliens came back to Mars. Frantic and nervous, they got into what seemed to be a fight formation with Circle, Triangle and Square in the front. Circle then shot the alien who was the first one off of the ship with his AK 47 machine gun. The alien fell to the cool and damp surface of Mars. The other alien was mad about this, so he shot circle with his gun. Luckily he got hit in the lower part of his body so he was alright. He then heard through all the chaos the opposing commander scream, “Finish him.”
The other aliens quickly ran off of the ship and went straight for Circle and got him. Triangle and Square did not want any part of the brutal fight that their great friend Circle had gotten injured in, so they quickly took off in their ship. The aliens then took off in their ship following Circle, Triangle and Square. The aliens were only a tad behind the shapes so they fired a scuzbunny which was a type of gun shot. The bullet grazed the top of the ship, but it did not affect it. Square suggested to Circle who was driving the ship that they should try and make a sharp turn to lose the aliens. Circle grunted as he put pounds of force into this turn. The other shapes nearly fell down. The alien enemies then attempted to turn as well, but they got sucked into a black hole. Circle, Triangle and Square were happy for a little while but then they realized that they had left all of the other shapes back on mars. They quickly turned around and headed back to Mars to save the other shapes. On their way back to Mars they ran out of fuel and they crashed into a meteor. From the impact of the crash Triangle and Square lost their lives, but Circle saw the crash coming and had jumped out just before the impact. Circle started falling, and out of nowhere, Cylinder flew in under him in his ship and caught circle. Circle thanked him and he brought him back to mars where the shapes had a nice reunion, even though they were without Triangle and Square. The shapes then lived happily for a few years, but then a group of aliens flew over their planet, and dropped a bomb on it which blew up the whole planet, causing all of the shapes to lose their lives.


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haltman14 said...
Nov. 24, 2009 at 10:23 am
ghrtrsyjhtwgxctbwqryjg1re...good story??
jeter95 said...
Nov. 23, 2009 at 10:42 am
comment so i get in the magazine
jeter95 said...
Nov. 23, 2009 at 10:18 am
this is a great story
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