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Avery Jordan- Origin Story

May 1, 2019
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"What your name deary”, says an old woman. “My.. Name?” I say in return. “Yes dear,” “Well my name is Avery… Avery Jordan and where I come from I am a Battle master and a horseback rider!” I say enthusiastically.  The old women then say, “Oh dear! Girls aren’t allowed to be ruffians like that!” “What do you mean? Back where I come from it’s completely normal” I look at her with confusion. “Run along now and get that nonsense out of your head!”

           And that’s where my new adventure started…. Everyone I saw looked at me like I was crazy! They said, “look at that girl what kind of ruffian does she think she is!” I always kept walking like it was no big deal. I decided to cut my hair short and dress like a man. I kept my long bangs but the rest of my hair was shaved clean off. I kept my head up and decided that I would join the local battle league.  

             In the league, I made my very best friend Griffin. Griffin was an odd type he didn’t know much combat formations but, he was a very good wizard. His power was outstanding. I always wanted to tell him that I was a girl. I never had the chance until today.

            Today was the day I’m going to tell Griffin.

“Hey, Griff I need to talk to you!” I said. “Yes, Avery?” He question. “I’m a girl and you can’t tell anyone!” I yelled whispered to him. “Oh okay then” Griffin looked a little down and I never really figured out why.

           Little did I know…. Captain Perrie overheard Griffin and my conversation. He then came up to me. “Avery Jordan, we need to have a little talk if I do say”

“Yes sir..” I look at him and frown because I know he knows about my true gender and my true self.

“Avery I know of your little secret,” Perrie says sternly.

“I’ll pack my bags and leave… I know my cost I’ll leave town and never return..”

“No I’m going to keep your secret but if you show any signs of weakness you’re out!” I perk up and smile. “Yes, sir!”

            The next day I stepped out of my sleeping quarters and was blinded by a ray of light. I walk to the forest where the squad was planning to meet. I carry my bow and arrows. Then I see the captain and my buddy Griff. I walk over and stand with my buddy. Perrie explains what today's mission is about.

             The mission is like any other mission we have recently had. Back to the dungeon we go. I go to my horse Scarlet and mount her. I gather my reins and follow the group to the dungeon. I trot my horse towards the front of the pack and slow when I get closer to the front.

              Perrie then called a halt. The whole group stopped and we wait for the next call from the captain. He waved his hand toward the dungeon. Everyone dismounted and tied their horses to the outside post. Then we headed into the dungeon. We thought it was going to be a normal day killing monsters but no it wasn’t.

             As soon as we walked into the dungeon there were 10 goblins waiting to be slain right in front of us. Quickly we all draw our weapons.

“CHARGE!”, Captain Perrie yelled. We fought each and every goblin. Until the leader of the goblins approached right behind Griffin. The leader snatched up Griffin and started to open his mouth to eat him.

“Avery!”, he yelled at me. His arms the became weak he dropped his magical staff and began to black out. The goblin was crushing him.

             I then prepare my arrow to fire at the leader of the goblins. I close my left eye and aim straight at the goblins head. I fire the arrow. The goblin's eyes roll behind its head and it then drops to the ground, letting the clutch of his hand loose for Griffin to escape.

“Thanks, Avery you’re the best!”, Griffin said and smiled at me with a faint blush on his face.

“You’re welcome I wasn’t gonna let cha die that would just be rude”, I say then chuckle.

“Good job but, that’s to be expected from you”, Captain Perrie states. I look at him and smile.

             Later on that day we celebrate on my victory. We party till about nine o’clock. Then Captain Perrie stands on the podium to make an announcement of some sort.

“Hey everyone I have an announcement to make,” he says sort of seriously. “Avery Jordan, is a girl,” he says and my jaw drops. Everyone murmurs and says things behind me. “That is all,” he finishes and walks down. Perrie looks at me and smirks then walks away. Griffin looks at me confused. I make the same look back.

             Then next day Griffin and I sit at our favorite table in the mess hall and eat lunch. Griffin was being oddly quiet today. I look up at Griffin and he looks at me. Then I see a slight blush across his cheeks. Wait a minute… does he like me... like, like like me?! I then ask,

“Griff do you have feelings for me?”, I say and he looks at me and smiles.

The End (for now)

The author's comments:

This is my first story on TeenInk!!!

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