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United Airlines

November 12, 2018
By eburns BRONZE, Council Bluffs, Iowa
eburns BRONZE, Council Bluffs, Iowa
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“Are  you nervous?”

Of course, I was, I was flying for the first time tomorrow, and if that wasn’t bad enough I had to fly alone. I didn’t want Toby to know I was nervous because he couldn’t get off work to come with me. I didn’t want him to feel guilty, so I lied and said “No.”

“I know you’re nervous, but think of all the fun you're going to have with your friends,” he responded trying to comfort me. I felt comforted because I was ecstatic to hang out with my friends. It was crazy to think I hadn't seen them since high school.

That night I hardly got any sleep, and when I got the chance to sleep I would dream about getting into a plane crash. I didn’t know why we had to go all the way to Hawaii to catch up, and not somewhere close like New York. Rachel and Saige, my high school friends, had insisted that we go to  Hawaii. They think that Hawaii has the best beaches. They knew I had never flown on an airplane, Saige said she was going to fly to my house from Washington and fly with me to Hawaii but she couldn’t make it due to work.

“Are you ready? You’re going to miss your flight,” Toby asked me.

“Yes,” I responded reluctantly. I was moving like a snail all morning.I was dreading the walk out the front door because I knew there was a possibility I wouldn’t be coming back to my home, husband, kids, and so much more. Despite all the worries I walked out the front door and got into the Uber.

I felt claustrophobic while walking around the airport I looked around and saw that it was packed wall to wall with people. I headed to the TSA checkpoint and butterflies in my stomach. Would they not let me through? What was I allowed to bring on the plane? Was I going to have to leave something behind? But as I approached the TSA security I was pleasantly surprised it was a breeze, I was finally not nervous until an attendant yelled

“Last call for United Airlines flight 732 to Hawaii.” I walked into the tunnel leading to the plane, the butterflies in my stomach reappeared and my hands started shaking with fear. I wish I made Toby feel guilty so he would be here with me now holding my hand, and showing me that everything is going to be okay. I found seat 5A and put my life in the pilot’s hands.

“We are experiencing a bit of turbulence, nothing to worry about,” the pilot said over the intercom.

Why did there have to be turbulence on my first flight? Why had I agreed to fly? As I was hyperventilating thinking of all the bad things that could happen an oxygen mask fell and hit me square in the face. Next thing I knew my vision went pitch black and we were no longer on the grid.

“Mayday Mayday,” The captain yelled over the radio as we were plummeting into the Atlantic Ocean.

The pilot ran out of the cockpit and said, “if we stand any chance at all, we’ve got to get the raft out the window exit, and inflate it.” Next thing I know I’m sitting in a raft in the middle of the ocean. The only hopeful thing was when the stuartist informed us that the Coast Guard had been alerted and they were on their way.

3 hours later… George, a passenger who was also on the raft. In the distance George saw the distinctive orange and white boat and the helicopter overhead and made an announcement, “the Coast Guard is here finally!” The Coastguard escorted us off the raft and onto the boat. When I walked on the boat I felt a feeling of relief I was going to be able to raise my kids, and see my husband again. A long hour later I was greeted by my wonderful kids and husbands. I then approached the land and vowed that I would never fly again.

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