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Neon The Brightest vigilante

November 7, 2018
By Anonymous

  “I am light of good,the glow that bring justice to all. I’m NEON”

As I shout this out the purse snatcher begins to laugh as he running.

“What a joke a so call hero that just a glow stick how hallurious”The purse snatcher shouts.

But without a second to late I throw a small N magnet on his back when really it a tracking device.Then thief then took off out of my cite.Now with that tracker on him the police shouldn’t have a problem tracking him.

Crap it 4am I gotta study my test and worst it starts in 4 hours”.I yell as I dash like crazy to my apartment.

2:30pm only manage to study for 2 hours before sleeping for only 1 hour.The result of the test just finish I guess now I’ll have a look…

”Man another C+ I was hoping to get a A or B would have been better”.I said in disappointment

This grade just as bad as a kick in the ribs.Another day of my life barely any rest and constantly working my lame job and my vigilante life.Oh well the best vigilante in this city needs all the time he can get to protect it.But it wouldn’t kill me to at least have some me time and I could really use some rest after this test and last night chase.

“Hey neo it your pal eddie how college life treating you”.Eddie shouted

“Hey eddie well college is fun but boy i’m exhausted from it at times”I said

“Cool so my good friend I’m doing...okay for myself job suck but the money good and I finally bought that rare book of Evil History cool am I right”? Eddie ask sternly

“Yep that book look interesting maybe their nice incite on the most evil people in the world”I say akerley

“Mabey but the best part of this book is the evil influence and I love supervillains that been create thanks to this book influence and even real people have gone dark to this book”Eddie said so siniterly.

“I’m cool I guess but I properly should head home Jen gonna kill me if the place is a mess and I didn’t exactly clean up this morning see ya”.I say as I walk away from eddie

“Oh okay see ya then”Eddie says looking a bit confused.

Whoa eddie seems a bit off first he talk so sinisterly about a book he bought but “wow a rare book like that anything cool”.I said sarcastically.But I guess I should have talk to him a little longer it been a year since we last talk.Maybe we can run into each other again but right now I got too get some rest it been a long day.I make my way back home and get to my room then realizing I left my costume on the ground with a note saying keep up the good work hero look forward the meeting you.Looking at this note I was confused and also shock as it had a blood stain on it but it was dry but still this is odd and when did this note even get on my costume.But as I stand their thinking I hear the door being open with a jolt up I ready myself to fight only to find jen at the door.

“Neo,I swear today at the academy was so stupid”Jen said in annoyance


As I quickly put the note in my pocket I say to jen “oh hi jen I didn’t think you be home so soon so how dumb was today”I ask quickly

“Some purse thief was arrested at the academy and the police found him in my class due to a tracker they found on him ooh that guy so stupid I just want to punch him and arrest him myself just for how stupid he was”.Jen says aggressively

Geez she only get this angry when stupid stuff like that happen imagine what it like on her bad side and sure as hell don’t want to know.

“Wow talk about stupid criminals well I better get ready for work”I says as I get ready for both my jobs

Zzap Then I felt a strong shock on my back like being hit with hands on lighting.

“Ow why you tases me jen”I ask angerly

“Because your vigilante charity job can wait you need some rest and plus your real job doesn't start till 6:30 and it 3:00 so go get some rest”Jen says

“What if I don’t want to rest? Plus the Vigilante charity is a real job to helping society”I said

“Fine then I’ll make you rest and while it great your charity is helping society I think it a bit dangerous especially with all this odd activite in the city”.Jen says as she is dragging me to my room. ”Now get some sleep you look exhausted and don’t worry about the mess it already clean up.”

Next thing I know I’m standing in my room with the door lock.But with this odd note it needed a further look into but Jen right I do need some sleep “man I’m as tired as a car out of gas.”I said Tiredly

…….. 3 hours later


Time for work better get ready only got 30 minutes to get there.As I put my work clothes on I see a note from jen saying.

“Hey neo sorry but I forgot to tell you I’m interning with a pro cop so I’m going to be gone until midnight.Ps please leave me your good old pizza for me to eat when I get home”


“Oh she gone out on internship training good for her but Neon the brightest vigilante will Light Up Justice tonight.Now i’m all dress for work time go.

“Opes can’t forget this for tonight”I say grabbing my bag and walking out the apartment

Walking to work is painful as running one lap in a football stadium.Finally after a long walk i’m at work. Cici’s pizza the best job for as I love pizza and me being on time I can get pizza here for free(when I’m working at least).

“Hey neo good job your exactly on time, Though I’m sorry we have to close for until next monday the place is getting remodeled I though your girlfriend  jen told you.” Manager john said as he suting the doors

“No she didn’t tell me and she not my girlfriend were just friends and roommates”I said as I walk in the street looking around.Looking around in the street is like looking for trouble geez I feel like a criminal looking for trouble to cause.”Ok There an empty alleyway I can change in”I say as I put on my vigilante gear.”Alright it time to light up some justice”I say loud and boldly.Now my schedule for the rest of the day,1.fight crime,2.get home at 11 and make jen and me dinner and finally 3.Try to get to bed by midnight or 1am so I can get better rest.As I’m thinking of this schedule I see a dash on the rooftop like a person and next the police yelling for the person to stop.”sweet now my chance to get some action.”I say with excitement as I turn my suit light on and dash to action.

The chase has begun as but who is this guy their chasing I thought to myself but before I known it the police lost sight of who ever this person is.But then as I look from the street I see a arm moving as it telling me to come in.Looking at it my heart felt as still as stone.Yet I was prepare for a situation like this and quickly grab my taser and I said with a confident yet fearful tone“whoever you are show yourself I won’t hesitate to hurt you or have you arrested.” But it was dead silent and then the arm vanish but I hear breath it heavy and it coming close from the dark then that when I see the person.

“Hello neon or should I say neon brighton from this point on I’m your greatest enemy so you may call me Dark Blood.”Dark blood says in a sinicitic tone.

I froze as this guy just said my full name as he known me.”How do you know my name”I say fearfully.As I say that he grabs a actual machete and bring it close to my chest and says.

“Oh let say that I know a friend that act as fearful as you and the name makes it to obvious come on Neo and Neon sound pretty similar.”He say in a comedic yet terrifying way. “So neon you read my note I did leave it in your pocket and I’ve been dying to meet you.”Dark blood says.

“I have two questions for you”as I grab dark blood machete”1.What are you a friend or enemy and 2.Why are you running from the cops.”My grip got stronger on the machete then I slowly push it away then as fast as a bullet dark blood sleds the machete away and says.

“Oh I did attack a cop for arresting a innocent man for no reason then the girl with him try to grab me but I manage to ko her at least for a little while.Now to answer your second question I really hope to be arch enemy for the fun of it I always thought of being a hero enemy especially with my upsection with evil.”Dark blood said with a tone as great of pure evil.

My mind is racing but I need to get out of here this guy too dangerous to take on especially by myself.Finally dark blood put machete in his holster and run off not without leaving a note saying Tomorrow will see how great a hero you are if your loyal to your vigilante code or the law code.This note however has the same blood mark this guy need to be stop but what can I do I only chace crappy purse thieves. Right now I need to get home and figure this out myself and what dark blood aiming at.I began to walk back to the alley where I left my backpack my bag feels heavier than usual but nothing unusual in it.After a hour of walking and buying dinner I open the door to see jen home early but looking real upset.

“Neo thank god your safe I need to talk to you it real important.”Jen says as she hugs me while crying

“Okay just go sit on the couch we'll talk when dinner in the oven”I said hugging her back but feeling terrified as a prey chased by predator to here what she needs to talk about.

After 2 hours of explaining the night it turns out dark blood kill the pro cop jen was with tonight and she try to stop dark blood only for him to get away.I felt as angry as a lion just by hearing that dark blood had to be stop now.But jen grab my hand and cry saying

“Please don’t go out there he to dangerous and this a job for the police not vigilanties and plus your hand is bleeding.”

“Wait really”I said surprisingly looking at my hand

“You ran after him didn’t you come on let get your hand clean.”Jen says as she take to the washroom.”I really care about you neo and I feel this vigilante stuff just need to stop or die down until this guy caught he could have kill you and you were clearly not ready to take him on.”Jen says as she paches up my arm.

“Alright jen you're right my vigilante life does need to die down a bit but I can’t just sit back and let another officer get kill.”I said as calm as the wind

“Your as arrogant as ever but I don’t want you kill and I agree with your intention but this is left to pro cops hands not your so please just stay out of their way.”Jen said in a stubborn voice

“I’ll try but no promises”I say as I walk to my room

Jen smiles and heads to her room too.As I look in my bag I see a book in my bag.As I get the book out of my bag my heart sank this book is eddie book it even has his name and handwriting all over it.Then the note that looks the same as the other had a address on with a target on it.I known it Eddie really is dark blood but he won’t strike his victim until 9:00pm so I have time after school to plan an attack and take him down.But I can use some sleep and I need it my worst class tomorrow then I’m going on Spring break.Now It time to get some sleep it like 1am already.

…...9 hours later

It 10am now time for me to get up and get ready for this 3 hour class of english.As I get change I see a letter on my costume it from jen and it’s saids

“Hey neo your as still as log when you sleep but hey listen i’m going to visit my parents for spring break so you’ll have a fun time alone won’t you

ps,Don’t go after dark blood you gonna get yourself kill and I took that location note from your room the police will be on lookout and they will find eddie so don’t worry.”

It obvious she worry about me but I can’t risk eddie killing another officer especially since he an old friend.But their one thing jen doesn't know about eddie his quick planning and his evil obsession.It time I get to school and plan how to stop him before a officer or an innocent person get hurt or even killed.

Oh boy english class with a teacher boring as paint drying actually ended pretty fast but a guess it because I spent more time thinking than listening.I wonder if the police caught dark blood but knowing eddie he has a plan so it good for me to strategize what I should do if dark blood attack me again.Then I felt something squeezing on my shoulder hard like a dog squeezing it bite.

“Neon need to come to the dark alley in the city at in 30 minutes and if he late he and his friend are dead.”The guy in the hood says as he begins to walk off

I was terrified that had to been dark blood just now.Turning around and looking back the hair is just as long as eddie.”Alright then dark blood vs neon if that what he wants fine then let’s end this.”I say with determination.Alright it 30 minutes to get change i'll go Into the abandoned building next to the ally.

Alright all change but now with a special glove on.I still got five minutes left before he show up.But just now saying that I feel a large sharp pain on my side it.Now I reales I just been stab and with a grip on my costume I’m push into the wall.

“So that all you got neon you're so disappointing.”dark blood says with disappointment

“Why are you like this eddie.”I said as I struggle to get the blade off me

“Don’t call me by that name it dead now,dark blood is who I really am” He says in a angry mood.”Ho neo since were just saying our names out loud to each other have you ever heard of evil lust it feel so great,I feel invincible unkillable even when facing death door,But eddie couldn’t convert to pure evil but when you show neon you gave eddie a chance to bring the real me out Dark Blood free and your the reason i’m here so thanks and now I’m gonna have to kill you.”He says as he deepened the blade further.

Now with him close enough I grab onto his shirt.I ball up my fist with the blue speed of lightning and the red strength of adrenaline coursing through my muscles.I punch him only for it to partially knock him out even with the blade out of my side I still feel the pain I need to yellow endurance be like steel and withstand the pain as run and tackle dark blood to the ground.With my glove on him I activate it turn out it a taser glove and i’ll shock him until he knock out cold.

“Neo your basterd your weak just like that pig I kill and soon it be your turn”Dark blood says as he being tasered

Finally he passes out cold and now just tie him up and leave him to the police hands.”Eddie that your name not dark blood I’m sorry I will save you somehow but right now you need to face justice for your crimes goodbye.”I said as I tie him up.

Time for me to go home but then I collapse I just remember the stab wound on my side crap it hurts so much “I guess not just dark blood going to jail tonight”I say as I pass out

…...Later that day

“I’m in bed in my apartment and not in the hospital or jail that Great”I say with excitement

“Ow my side still hurts,Wait but how did it get bandage up unless”I say as I realized who heal me back up.

I look around and just go to the living room to find a letter and it from jen.Just by saying her name it made sense that I’m back home and not in jail because of her.I guess I better read what it has to say.

Dear, Neo

I wanted to let you know I’m hurt that you went after that guy I told you would get kill in this fight but you still keep going at it determine to bring him to justice.I should have just let the pro officer pick you up bet your my best friend and I can’t leave you because you never left me when I needed you so why should I leave you.I’m going to stay with my  parents during break so you have the whole place to yourself until I get back.When I’m back you and me need to have a talk about this stuff.Last thing to say thank you I’m happy to have a friend like you who cares and while I’m still mad about you fighting eddie you did avenge a fallen and I can’t thank you enough see you soon.


Looking at this letter I feel selfish and happy at the same time. But looking at my bandages around on my side jen fix up. I did just realized I’m not strong enough dark blood could have easily killed me I only survived because I had a quick opening.I need to get stronger not just to beat guys like dark blood but to protect those I care about and once I get stronger I will be the light of good,the glow that bring justice to all.

NEON the Brightest Vigilante.

The author's comments:

Neon is a super hero charater I created ever sence middle school so I work on neon story and charater for 5 year now and finally you all will get a glips of it.One day you will see neon in comic stores and online stores everywhere.

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