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Racism in america
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Racism is a big problem in the united states. It affects everyone, and it has a negative effect on everyone. People are discriminated against everyday, and no one is standing up for them. I think that teaching acceptance in schools would make... (more »)
Farewell This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The books are folded, the white tape slashed over. They are stacked: like sport’s equipment. I am a box, and the papers are scuttling out, the manuscripts bones. I have been part of this website for six years; but I am nearing the end of this... (more »)
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Dowry Death
By , bijuri, India
To The Editor The Times Of India 23 street,media city New Delhi Sub: Dowry death in a country Respected Sir, Through the columns of your esteemated newspaper. I would like to grab your immediate attention.... (more »)
Teen Ink This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Dear Teen Ink Editor:    I wanted to thank you for providing a website where, no matter what, teens can start getting published. As someone who has submitted just over 50 articles thus far, I highly appreciate this... (more »)
Feedback to Silent Hill: Revelation Review
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Silent Hill: Revelation's movie review by Ayinde Roberts summarized the movie well in terms of its plot but pointed out only 2 main flaws with the movie. As the reviewer wrote, she wasn't sure how to put into words how bad the movie was. There... (more »)
"Thank You, Google" This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
I loved Amy Carothers's article "Thank You, Google". She talks about how one Google search changed her life, taking her to New York for a Teen Ink writing program. That little moment on her computer had such a huge impact on her life, and I can... (more »)
Pine Street Inn
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I found Tess Ross- Callahan’s article, Pine Street Inn, extremely moving. By the way she described the shelter using vivid imagery and elaborate metaphors, I felt as it was there myself. She depicted the blankets the men had to sleep with as... (more »)
Blood Oil
“Blood Oil,” by Tori Bakeley, talks about the plight of orangutans in Borneo. The article shows the gruesome truth about palm oil and how rainforests get cut down for their palm fruits. Orangutans are getting destroyed in the process and they... (more »)
The Picture in My Wallet
Jacob’s article, “The Picture in My Wallet,” shows a normal scenario with him and his brother. He tells us that he is very close with his younger brother and that it is his duty to be his role model. I have a younger brother but he is very... (more »)
Valentine's Date for One
Madison Endicott’s article about how she tried to spend a Valentine’s Day by herself was amusing, yet sad. It’s always disheartening to see someone get left out on Valentine’s Day festivities, but in this case, Madison was trying her best... (more »)
way of life
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Way of life I think about how people work to achieve their goals in lfe not everything is easy as it seems. A way of life is hoe you see thing in your point of view while others may see it differantly than you. Some people might see it as a joke,... (more »)
Wade Patrick Henry
“Wade Patrick Henry,” by Sarah Stilwell, was a fictional story about a hero turned bad. It was a powerful theme throughout the whole piece and it shattered the good image of a boy named Wade Patrick Henry. The narrator retells the tragic... (more »)
Last Day
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"Last Day" by Madison Marshall is a masterfully written and deeply insightful poem. The vivid descriptions of how glorious and magnificent the narrator's last day to live make the poem truly come to life. The clever metaphors and... (more »)
Time to Unplug
"Time to Unplug" by Kristin Chang talked about a school assignment where her class had to steer away from electronic devices for 24 hours. The class is in chaos, thinking that they can't possibly hold on without technology for that... (more »)
Begin To Be Now What You Will Be Hereafter
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“Don’t look upon, for yesterday is gone Tomorrow is the key get busy instantly, Begin to be now what you will be hereafter And your life will be full of laughter and laughter." A building is said to be stiff only if its... (more »)
Teen Concerns About Our Economy.
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As Teens get older, they start to wonder more and more about our world and our economy.Now being a kid growing up such as myself i'm starting to be more concern about our dept to china.With our president right now i think nothing is being ran... (more »)
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