Teen Concerns About Our Economy.

March 13, 2012
By NoahSnyder BRONZE, Silvergrove, Kentucky
NoahSnyder BRONZE, Silvergrove, Kentucky
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As Teens get older, they start to wonder more and more about our world and our economy.Now being a kid growing up such as myself i'm starting to be more concern about our dept to china.With our president right now i think nothing is being ran correctly because gas prices range about $4.75 a gallon!. Another thing that most teens are Concerned by is if they can get a job later on in life because of the way our economy is being ran.
Some Teens are concerned about our president to because he has one ore shot at being president, and what you got to know is each president has two chances at being president. With that being said our economy is so bad we are doing elections to get a new president.

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