America’s responsibility to the world

January 30, 2011
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Does America have a responsibility to the world? I feel America does not have a responsibility to the world. We have enough people in our own country that need help, so why are we worried about people in other countries? Not only do I question why are we(no not why are we…..why is our government) so worried about people in other countries, but why would America have a responsibility to the world?

As a working and tax paying American, I feel America has no more responsibility to the world than any other country. My taxes are supposed to go towards bettering America and its people. I have never seen or heard of other countries taking taxes out of their citizens pays to help America. I question why I am working for the government to take my money and spend it in other countries for sick or hurt people when we have sick and hurt people here in America.

Should America be worried about other countries, and helping them, when we have our own citizens that need help and assistance. I do not understand how the government wants to help other countries with there education when there are people here in America that can not read or write. Not only that, they will provide money for college educations for young women in other countries, but the young struggling women in our own country have to pay for it.

Should America need to be a role model to the world, and why? I feel we do not need to be a role model to the world. I do not think we should need to demonstrate how a fee society should behave. I do not see or hear of any other country trying to be a role model to the world. I just do not understand how anyone could think that America has a responsibility or needs to set an example to the world.

In conclusion, I feel America does not have a responsibility to the world for various reasons. If anything I feel other countries need to set examples. If we are a “free society” why do we need to set an example or have a responsibility? We have freedom and we should be able to demonstrate what it is like to have freedom. Most countries are completely strict, and take crimes and disobediences very seriously, so they should follow all their rules and be a good example.

Q: Do you think America has a responsibility to the world and why?

Q: How do you feel about America financially assisting other countries?

Q: Do you feel America should be a role model to the world?

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serbear said...
Feb. 11, 2013 at 2:50 pm
Keep in mind though that US would not have won the revolutionary war without the aid of foreign help. The French helped us out big time. We owe the founding of our nation to our allies.
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