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Middlebury College
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Middlebury, Vermont: Located in the rural Vermont countryside, Middlebury College is one of the top liberal arts institutions in the nation. It is nationally known for its sustainability initiatives and having the first environmental studies... (more »)
Review of Northeastern University
By , Wyckoff, NJ
Boston, Massachusetts: Located in the heart of Boston, Northeastern University definitely is considered a city school. In most cases this means no freshly cut green quads with students playing frisbee, no guaranteed peace and quiet, and no... (more »)
Marquette University This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Milwaukee, WI: Wisconsin is home to the Packers, cheese, and beautiful greenery. Tucked into the natural beauty of this state are many excellent colleges and universities. One is Marquette University, located in Milwaukee. I had the opportunity... (more »)
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State... This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Blacksburg, VA: Knowledge is a powerful tool. With it, students can put together extraordinary creations and explore the depths of the world with careful hands. There is nothing better than having the key to success and greatness placed in your... (more »)
Review of Cornell University
By , Wyckoff, NJ
Ithaca, NY: This past fall I made many trips to visit Cornell University to watch my sister’s soccer games and visit with her. During these visits I got personal tours of the campus, and the sense for what the average life of a student... (more »)
Gap Year Envy
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“Gap Year Envy” is a very well written article about a girl named Michelle and her priority to put education first. I can relate to Michelle’s story. My friends always want to have fun and waste time. My parents have always told me to keep... (more »)
Howard University
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Recently, I've been visiting many colleges. One University that I've learned a lot about is Howard University. Although you may have heard a lot about this college because of actors who have went here in the past I will give you my... (more »)
University of North Carolina
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Attending a college is a process some may find easy or difficult. The major key aspects you look for throughout college searches are interests, majors, and opportunities you can obtain. Once your mind is set you and you are ready to attend,... (more »)
Boston College
By , Wyckoff, NJ
Chestnut Hill, MA: The college search process can be strenuous especially when you don’t know yet what you’re looking for in a school. Visiting colleges while only a sophomore in high school can be considered early, but with many... (more »)
Drexel University This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
Philadelphia: Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Drexel has a 96-acre campus and an amazing student-faculty ratio of 9:1. The population is mid-sized, with approximately 14,000 students. Drexel has 15 schools, including education, engineering,... (more »)
Tulane This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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At the mention of the city of New Orleans, one’s mind can’t help but wander to the tragedies that occurred there in consequence of Hurricane Katrina, which marked its 10-year anniversary this past August. Hurricane Katrina is... (more »)
The State of College Admissions in America
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Applying to college in America is one of the most discouraging experiences one can take upon his or herself. High school students are looking forward to soon applying to colleges throughout the nation starting August 1st, when most college... (more »)
University of Delaware
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Home of the You Dee Blue Hen main campus located Newark Delaware, the largest university in Delaware, former school in which George read, Thomas Mckean, Joe Biden and many other well known people attended. Walking on campus with so much... (more »)
University of Pennsylvania
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Captivating, Refreshing and Diverse are just some of the few words to describe the atmosphere ... (more »)
Miami University-Hamilton
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"I just got accepted at Miami University-Hamilton!" "Huh, Miami University-Hamilton?  Don't you just mean Miami University?" "No, I said it right." "What's the Hamilton part mean?" This is a frequently heard conversation amongst... (more »)
University of Vermont This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Burlington, VT: Slightly chilly August air gently brushed my face – this is Vermont, after all. Wide-eyed and as new to the college admissions process as a sophomore could be, as green as the vibrant campus surrounding me, I left the... (more »)
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