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November 16, 2017
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In this essay, I’m going to write a review on the University of California, Berkeley. Everything from background information to my impressions on it. So here’s everything about the college.


The University of California is located in its own little college town in Berkeley, California. It overlooks the San Francisco Bay. There are currently over 35,000 students enrolled at the University since the Fall of 2017. Currently, there is 170 academic departments and programs on campus. There is everything from Aerospace Studies to Women’s Studies. University of California is known for its popular studies like Social Sciences, Engineering, Biological and Biomedical studies and many more things. Their acceptance rate is 17.5% so it is obviously extremely difficult to get accepted. Now let’s get into my impressions of the college since visiting.


The people there are very friendly and helpful when you need to know where to go. It is hard to get around, because it is so big but the people there helped a lot. The campus has lots of points of interest. There is Sproul Plaza. It is the prime campus spot for rallies, demonstrations, “tabling”, and lunchtime speeches. It’s popular at night time for concerts and festivals. There is the Memorial pool which brings awareness to and honors the soldiers who lost their lives in World War II. There are plenty of other spots on campus that are memorial or remembrance type things. The classrooms are somewhat large. There is about a 17:1 ratio, students to teacher. There is a large amount of libraries on the campus. There is 39 and some of the libraries are the Business Library, Chemistry Library, and the Philosophy Library. They have high-rise double rooms which include two beds, one on each side, and a long desk in the middle of the room separating it with a chair on each side. Another room option is the apartment on campus. They include a eat in kitchen and living room combo and more than one bedroom. The sports and extracurricular activities for men are baseball, basketball, rowing, football and many more. The women’s sports are basketball, beach volleyball, gymnastics, lacrosse, and also many more. I highly recommend this college.


I like this college, because the people are friendly and it’s very big and there’s plenty of things to do so you’ll never be bored. It is also right out of San Francisco and there’s plenty to do there also. I liked the people and how diverse it was. There was all different kinds of people. People of all kinds of races and religions and it gives me room to meet more people and be educated on things I might’ve not known too much about. The only thing I disliked was how I get lost easily and you can’t walk to most places because the campus is large and you’d have to take a car. Its different from other colleges because of its size and all of the studies they offer. All kinds of students would be comfortable here, because it’s a school for everyone. There is so much diversity that people wouldn’t be judgemental. Its an amazing college overall from my experience.


The University of California, Berkeley is a beautiful place. It is in a great area and has breath-taking scenery and an amazing environment. It is diverse so there you wouldn’t have to worry about not being accepted or fears of not fitting in. I highly recommend this place.

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