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October 9, 2012
By Aleya Miles BRONZE, Greensboro, North Carolina
Aleya Miles BRONZE, Greensboro, North Carolina
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Recently I’ve visited a few colleges on a school trip. There’s this one college that caught my attention the most. That college is called Catawba College. It is located in Salisbury North Carolina. Their school offers all the majors I’m looking forward to for my future career. Which are, Biology, Pre-Med, and Chemistry.
Besides all that good stuff, their campus is what mostly attracts me to their school. I love the wide spread campus and the big buildings, green grass and smiling people. Catawba just had this home feeling that I was looking forward to. The freshman dorms were nicer than most college dorms I’d seen before. But because of the school I attend I’d enter Catawba as a junior which I’m blessed of. According to the school policy Juniors who have sixty credits or more can live on campus in the apartment style dorms. That’s pretty dope. Bigger and better and more comfortable for a shy person like me. I rather I have my own personal room then to share one.
Catawba offers a lot to their students like the newest building containing a 24 hour computer lab, the buffet style cafeteria, the game room or rec. room above the cafeteria, and much more. Catawba seems to be a perfect school for me that meets most my criteria’s. The only thing that dissatisfies me is the location. I want to go to an out of state college, and I already live in North Carolina. I wish Catawba could relocate to Miami, FL. If I was to find a school exactly like Catawba in Miami that would be perfect. Miami is party city and I’m looking to have fun and stay educated.
The students that were chosen to tour us around the campus seemed pretty enthusiastic. But some of the regular students who were walking around the campus we a tad bit rude. When my school entered the cafeteria to eat for lunch there were a few male students who attend the college trying to “hit on” some of my school’s students. Being that I go to an all girl school we were sort of a easy target for male attention. Another thing that I didn’t like about the whole cafeteria scenario was the food. They didn’t have not one healthy food item. Unless you want to include the ice cream cause the milk within in the ice cream was the only thing nutritious. But other than that the food was good.
Something that I noticed about all the colleges we toured was that they had chapels. Even the middle college I attend has a chapel. I’m starting to think that most colleges do. But the Catawba Chapel was a gorgeous Modern day chapel, with these two big wooden palace style doors. There was brick walls, and the pews were a glossy champagne colored wood. The ceiling and windows were colorful stained glass, piecing together a flower shape. The whole entire chapel was just breath taking, a nice place to host a wedding maybe.
Well this was my experience at Catawba College. It’s a really nice school and maybe one day if I don’t get accepted into the university of Miami I’ll attend this wonderful school.

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