Johnson C. Smith University

October 8, 2012
By _donae123 BRONZE, Greensboro, North Carolina
_donae123 BRONZE, Greensboro, North Carolina
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We finally arrived to the great Johnson C. Smith University. I never even heard about this
College but the first thing I notice about this college was the vibe of the school and the swag of
the students. Even though I never heard of the school I liked it already. As we got off out
Holiday tours Bus I gazed around at everything from the city buses to the college building. I
noticed a girl eagerly running towards the group. Obviously I didn’t know her but the
upperclassmen and the Teachers knew who she was and was just as excited as she was. She
seemed like she missed Bennett but she was happy with her new college life. We walked into
what looked like the main building, where we were greeted with mints. After we sat in the
auditorium and spoke a little about the college we began our tour. I could barely hear our tour
guide. So I decided to try to notice things myself. One of the things I noticed was that the college
students were very social with one another. I inched closer to our tour guide as he spoke about
their science building. That’s when I was distracted by a bee flying around me. You know I had
to keep my cool because I couldn’t look like an idiot running away from a bee in front of
college students. So I slowly bailed from the situation. We continued our tour to the guidance
counselor’s office. I Liked that fact that our tour guide mentioned that you can go the
counselor just about anything boyfriends/ girlfriends, drama, dorms, anything. And that caught
my attention because out of all the schools we toured JCSU was the realest school that told us the
pros and the cons and not just the pros. But anyway, We then went into their café/events building.
This was also something that caught my eye beside the tall college boys. The colors, the friendly
environment, everything. Then we continued and I noticed the huge display of their dancers,
their drumline, and their basketball players. That to me showed their school spirit and their pride
which I think I liked the most about the school. Even I actually liked that school, and yes that
would be definitely one of my choices of schools. If I had to recommend any other the schools
we toured to a friend, I will most definitely choose this school.

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