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January 25, 2012
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There are only a few words which can begin to describe the words of which I found at the College of Brigham Young University. Such of these words could fall into the category of supreme and yet a bit on the peer pressure side of college. Brigham Young University (or BYU) is a school which is in association with the LDS church (or Mormons) and so, the majority of the people, students and teachers, are Mormon and most of them hold true to their beliefs and are in the habit of often sharing their beliefs with you. They offer many classes to Undergraduates and graduates alike but there are only a few exceptions. Such are that the school has no Latin program and not a high expectation classics program. Nevertheless, there are great sports, music, writing, history, science, and other programs offered by the schools.

Basically, there are three BYUs. One, which I was referring to, is located in Provo, Utah (hence the Mormons) and the others are located in Hawaii and Idaho. According to what I have learned, there is a dress code in which it states that there is no immodest clothing (girls, no spaghetti straps and mini-skirts, boys, no sagging pants and shorts) and there is a strict policy between boys and girls (if you are married, you may live together but if you are either single or courting, no living together).

But there is an atmosphere with BYU which can only be described as a joy which can fill your heart and mind as you soon find yourself surrounded by good people and people who care about you and what you are doing towards your career. They respect you and what you are doing with your life. If you keep on your focus path and not try to bother them, they will treat you with respect and soon, you will have a group of friends that you will care for throughout your entire life. This truly is a school worth looking at in my opinion and to be considered for college.

Out of five stars, I rank this a four and a half stars for the school.

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